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Chill Subs Menu of Pushcart Nom Noms (30 lit mags that nominate)

Hungry for some nom noms? Maybe you’ve woken up in the middle of the night with some tummy grumblies and decided that a little bit of Pushcart would hit the spot. So you wander over to the newly opened Chill Subs to see what they’ve got cookin’.

Welcome! Soon, we will be adding nominations to all literary magazines listings in our database. For now, we’ve put together this little tasting menu of literary magazines who nominate for Pushcart Prizes (and many also nominate for Best of the Net, Wigleaf, and more).

* Are you a journal that nominates not on this list? Email us and we’ll add you.

Enjoy your nom noms:

1) The Adroit Journal

2) Afternoon Visitor

3) Archetype: A Literary Journal

4) Baltimore Review

5) Bellevue Literary Review (*note: submission fee: $5)

6) Bending Genres

7) Better Than Starbucks

8) Blank Spaces

9) Blink-Ink

Logo of Blink-Ink literary magazine
OpenApr 15


A quarterly print journal publishing the best contemporary short fiction approximately 50 word in length. Continuous pub...

Theme: Addicted to Love
Responds: We try for a week.

Payment: No

Followers: -

10) Booth (*submission fee: $3)

11) Chaotic Merge

12) Chestnut Review (*note: submission fee for longer pieces (1k-5k words) or extra poems (4-6 per packet): $5)

13) Cobra Milk

14) fifth wheel press

15) Hippocampus Magazine

16) Identity Theory

17) Last Leaves Magazine

18) The Lumiere Review (*note: accept work previously posted on personal blogs/social media)

19) Moon Park Review

20) Okay Donkey

21) Papeachu Review

Logo of Papeachu Review literary magazine

Papeachu Review

an annual print anthology created by women, nonbinary, and genderqueer artists from around the world.

Theme: Atmosphere
Responds: 6 months

Payment: No

Followers: 700+

22) River Mouth Review

23) Sans. PRESS

Logo of Sans. PRESS literary magazine
OpenMar 12


Send us stories that are fresh & weird

Theme: Stranger
Responds: 10 weeks

Payment: from €150

Followers: 1k+

24) Sky Island Journal (*note: submission fee: $4.99)

25) Split Lip Magazine

26) Stanchion


28) A Thin Slice of Anxiety (*note: accept previously published work)

29) trampset