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Promote writers even after publication - hype hype hype
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"Very vocal supporters of their writers - really awesome about championing past contributors & their new works through Fifth Wheel social media channels."




Max words: 1500Max pieces: 3Multiple pieces allowed if total page length does not exceed 5 pages


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Multiple pieces allowed if total page length does not exceed 5 pages


Multiple pieces allowed if total page length does not exceed 5 pages


Not for this call, sorry

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Contributors on Chill Subs (17)

Kayla Martell Feldman avatar

Kayla Martell Feldman

London, United Kingdom
"she/they Director and writer for the page, stage, and screen. Queer, Jewish, Neurodivergent."
Ren Koppel Torres avatar

Ren Koppel Torres

Austin, TX, United States
"Ren Koppel Torres is a Jewish Chicano poet. He serves as the editor-in-chief of the Latin@ literary magazine Alebrijes Review and the Managing Editor of the music-poetry project INKSOUNDS."
alowenstern avatar


United States
"Aimee Lowenstern is a twenty-four year old poet living in America. She has cerebral palsy and is fond of glitter. Her work can be found in several literary journals, including Fifth Wheel Press and Unstamatic Magazine."
Tamara Bašić avatar

Tamara Bašić

"she/her; 26; vicious daydreamer"
Will Moran avatar

Will Moran

Birmingham, United Kingdom
"Will Moran (they/he) is a writer and editor living in Birmingham, UK. They are an intern for the Winterbourne House and Garden, working on a chapbook and blog to celebrate the historic site through the poetic form. "
Xylophone Mykland avatar

Xylophone Mykland

Portland, OR, United States
"nonbinary lesbian poet! full length collection "someone I can hold gently" forthcoming sept '22 with first matter press."
Goldie Peacock (they/them) avatar

Goldie Peacock (they/them)

Brooklyn, NY, United States
"Recent pubs include: fiction in (mac)ro(mic), Powders Press, Fifth Wheel Press, Roi Fainéant Press, Scrawl Place, MIDLVLMAG; CNF in Sundog Lit; poetry in Red Ogre Review, Moon Cola Zine & Ripe. Soon: The Dodge, MoonPark Review, Bullshit Lit, +..."
Zoe Adrien Lapa avatar

Zoe Adrien Lapa

Marikina, Philippines
"Hi! I'm Zoe Lapa, a 17 year old writer, modest microblogger, and poetry editor."
Michelle Rochniak avatar

Michelle Rochniak

Wallingford, CT, United States
"20-year-old poet from CT (USA). In love with mythology and cottagecore. If you've read Sappho, listened to ABBA / Ruffin / mxmtoon / dodie, and/or watched Heartstopper and Our Flag Means Death, we'll be best friends :) <3 (she/they)"
Mia Arias Tsang avatar

Mia Arias Tsang

New York, NY, United States
"Writer based in NYC. My work has been published or is forthcoming in Half Mystic Press, Bullshit Lit, Fatal Flaw Magazine, Fifth Wheel Press, the Yale Daily News Magazine, and Broad Recognition, Yale's intersectional feminist magazine."
olive pile avatar

olive pile

Arlington, TX, United States
"a writer and poet and musician and artist trans (she/they), queer, ace, neurodivergent, disabled, and Mad "you haven't seen the last of me""
Zoe Lapa avatar

Zoe Lapa

Angela Acosta avatar

Angela Acosta

United States
"Angela Acosta (she/her) is a bilingual Latina poet and PhD Candidate in Iberian Studies at The Ohio State University. She is a 2022 Dream Foundry Contest for Emerging Writers finalist. "
Max Pasakorn (he/she/they) avatar

Max Pasakorn (he/she/they)

Singapore, Singapore
"Hi! I'm a Thai-born, Singapore-based writer, poet and spoken word artist, pursuing a BA in Arts & Humanities (Creative Writing) at Yale-NUS College. My work revolves around queerness, specifically gender expression, queer joy and queer ecology."
Veronica Bennett avatar

Veronica Bennett

Philadelphia, PA, United States
"poet. designer. founder + e.i.c. of Bullshit Lit Mag + Press."
BEE LB avatar


MI, United States
"BEE LB is an array of letters, bound to impulse; a writer creating delicate connections. they have experience as a poetry reader, a published poet, and a workshop facilitator both online & in-person. they are working on many manuscripts all at once."
Sarah Klein avatar

Sarah Klein

"poet and flash fiction author"

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