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3000+ literary magazines to choose from

Find a home for your writing

There are 3000+ literary magazines in our database. Find all of the information you need to submit your writing.

Searching and filtering

Search and Filter

Use any of our many, many filters to find the perfect publisher for your work right away.

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Track your submissions

Import your submissions from Submittable, The Grinder, or a spreadsheet, add more, and play Rejection Bingo.

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Bookmark your favorite listings

Create collections of your favorite magazines you'll definitely submit to one day. Pinky promise.

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Automatically format your prose for submitting

Generate a ready-to-submit copy of your prose in seconds auto-formatted for industry best practices

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Join 25k+ writers submitting with us

Host your work to show off your publication credits. List your services and side hustles you offer to fund your journey

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Handy Newsletters

Receive curated lists of submission opportunities to your inbox every week


Learn about upcoming: submission deadlines, open reading periods, writing contests, educational opportunities, and more

Submission Statistics & Insights

Get comprehensive insights into response times and acceptance rates

Portal for editors

Listings manager

Join over 900 editors managing their listings on Chill Subs through our editor portal.

Get Promoted

We randomly promote listings every other week on our browse and send out opening & closing calls to our thousands of subscribers. No cost to you! Free promotion. Yay!




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