we hope it works

chill subs submissions manager self-consious banner
chill subs submissions manager self-consious banner

Well, we dunno why the industry has been, like, not innovating to make things better—but instead coming up with new convoluted ways to financially prey on people's hopes & dreams. And we have hopes and dreams too, y'know. And they're fragile? And we think we, like...maybe can try to do something about it. But no promises.

What we plan to do

try not to create more problems...


Let's just stick to one thing at a time for now, K?

Why Now?

We've run out of excuses to procrastinate.

Why Us?

oh god, oh god, oh god, why are we doing this? so sorry in advance.

For Editors

worst case scenario, the other submission managers will probably take you back

For Writers

we're going to try our best not to make things even more confusing

For Both

eeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! OK. We're ok. sry.

Dark Mode

plz laugh at our jokes but don't feel obligated to make eye contact

Release Date:

probably in 2023

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