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19 Lit Mags for Impatient Poets Open Now (With Response Times Under One Week)

So, you wrote a poem. Goodie! Time to collect those rejection letters—I mean, find the right home for your work. There is no doubt though—rejection or acceptance—waiting sucks. Well, no fear, no reloading submittable over-and-over, checking and rechecking your spam. These nineteen journals will let you know if they want your poem in a week or less.

Challenge: see how many you can submit to in a day and just binge on those letters.

1) Amethyst Review

2) Bending Genres (*note: No simultaneous submissions)

3) Bibliopunk (*note: Accepts work previously posted on social media and personal websites)

4) Coexist Literary Magazine

5) DED Poetry

6) Filter Coffee Zine

7) Ice Queen Magazine (*note: Pays $50)

8) Lead & Pulp Poetry (*note: pays $2 per poem)

9) Neologism Poetry Journal

10) ONE ART: a journal of poetry (*note: Accept poems published on your personal blog or social media.)

11) The Penn Review

12) Pink Plastic House

13) Soft Star Magazine (*note: Accept previously published)

Logo of Soft Star Magazine literary magazine

Soft Star Magazine

An online publication featuring stories of science fiction, futurism, and speculative fiction with a healthy dose of opt...

Theme: Frontier
Responds: 1-7 days

Payment: $0-$20

Followers: 2k+

14) Sour Cherry Mag

15) Terror House Magazine

16) Thrush

17) Typishly (*note: charges a fee but comes with a nugget of feedback.)

18) āraśi