Just My Type #15: Writing Podcasts to Listen to Based on Your Enneagram Type

Just My Type explores the ways our personality, fears and motivations impact our writing and, using personality types, provides suggestions for tailoring your writing practice to who you are as a unique, creative human.

Podcasts are one of my favorite ways to jumpstart my motivation when I’ve hit a creative slump. There are so many great writing podcasts out there providing everything from author interviews and craft advice to tips on navigating the publishing process. Below, I’ve recommended a podcast for writers of each Enneagram type based on the characteristics that type is known for and how they tend to approach their work. In addition to your own type, I also recommend taking a look at the recommendations for your wings (the types adjacent to yours, for example, wings 1 or 8 for a type 9). If you don’t already know your Enneagram type, you can take a free test here and read about your top results to decide which feels right to you. 


Type One

Enneagram Ones are organized, detail-oriented, and strive to be good at everything they do. Ones will enjoy the Writer’s Routine podcast. Host Dan Simpson interviews a variety of authors and asks about the nitty-gritty details of their writing routines, from the items sitting on their desks to the views in front of them as they write. Ones value structure and order, and they know that small changes can have significant impacts. Learning about the details of other writers’ routines may inspire ones to tweak their own routines, leading to small improvements or even creative breakthroughs.


Type Two

Twos are known for their warmth, empathy, and desire to help others. They are natural caregivers and often put the needs of others before their own. Twos will love The Shit No One Tells You About Writing, a show that provides empathetic but practical advice on writing and publishing, including the Books with Hooks segment, where the hosts read through a listener-submitted query letter and give some pointers on how to make it more appealing to literary agents. The hosts also interview various authors, both well-known and up-and-coming, and Twos will identify with the overall warmth and lightheartedness of the show’s hosts.


Type Three

Threes are ambitious, driven, and focused on achieving their goals. They are natural leaders who thrive in competitive environments and enjoy being recognized for their accomplishments. For Threes, I recommend Ann Kroeker, Writing Coach. This podcast features practical tips for staying motivated and achieving success. The episodes are short and sweet, making it easy to fit into a Three’s busy schedule and jump right back into your writing with a fresh burst of inspiration.


Type Four

Fours are known for their creativity, sensitivity, and desire for authenticity. They often feel misunderstood and search for experiences that allow them to express themselves fully. For Fours, I recommend the show Write-minded: Weekly Inspiration for Writers. Fours will relate to and feel inspired by the show’s honest, open and authentic conversations about the ups and downs of the writing life.


Type Five

Fives are curious, analytical and often seek out knowledge for its own sake. They are independent thinkers who value solitude and introspection. Fives will likely enjoy the Imaginary Worlds podcast, a show that dives into the details of speculative fiction and discusses how comic book artists, game designers, novelists, screenwriters, and filmmakers create their worlds. Recent episodes touch on topics from artificial intelligence to fairy tales to the astrophysical characteristics of famous fictional spaceships. 


Type Six

Sixes are loyal, responsible, and seek security and stability. They value trust and dependability and can be cautious in new situations. For Sixes, I recommend Unpublished. This podcast features inspiring discussions between the hosts, writers and married couple Amie McNee and James Winestock, as well as interviews with various creatives. The show touches on many issues that all artists face at one point or another, such as insecurity, rejection, burnout, finances and more. Sixes will feel inspired by the show’s message, which is all about taking yourself seriously as an artist and putting yourself out there.


Type Seven

Sevens are enthusiastic, adventurous and often seek out new experiences and opportunities. They value fun and spontaneity and are often the life of the party. For Sevens, I recommend The Creative Penn. This show, hosted by Joanna Penn, dives into a variety of topics, from writing advice and interviews to self-publishing, marketing, and making money from your writing. Sevens will love the variety of topics as well as the emphasis on following your own path by exploring entrepreneurship and self-publishing. 


Type Eight

Eights are assertive, confident, and often like to be in control. They value strength and resilience and are often seen as natural leaders. For Eights, I recommend DIY MFA Radio. Like host Gabriela Pereira’s book, DIY MFA, this podcast is all about forging your own path as a writer and taking control of your writing education. Featuring interviews and craft advice, Eights will love supplementing their independent writing practice with these inspiring and helpful podcast episodes. 


Type Nine

Nines are easy-going, adaptable, and often seek out harmony and balance. They value peace and unity and are often seen as mediators in conflicts. Nines will enjoy the London Writers’ Salon podcast. The London Writers’ Salon is all about building a creative global community of writers and that translates to its podcast, which is full of interviews with writers of all kinds, from novelists to poets to journalists, bloggers and playwrights. This podcast will help Nines feel supported by a community as they build and grow their writing careers. 



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