Just My Type #5: Writing Books to Read Based on Your Sun Sign

Just My Type explores the ways our personality, fears and motivations impact our writing and, using personality types, provides suggestions for tailoring your writing practice to who you are as a unique, creative human.


Books on writing and creativity can be an excellent way for writers to draw inspiration, learn about the writing routines and journeys of other writers, and improve on their own craft. The zodiac, on the other hand, can be a way to learn more about ourselves. The sun sign in particular is the best known sign and the one people tend to be the most familiar with. It is our identity and core essence; it represents how we experience life and express ourselves. Each book recommendation below will either help inspire you as a writer or provide practical advice for improving your craft based on your sun sign.


Aries are bold, ambitious and innovative. They have a fearless sense of adventure and a lot of energy, but they can struggle with impatience. Refuse to Be Done by Matt Bell helps writers through not only the first draft, but also through the revising and rewriting process by breaking it down into smaller, more approachable tasks, which can help Aries writers stay patient and get through the often boring process of revision.


Taurus is known for being stubborn and set in their ways, but they love stability and routine. Taurus is a creature of habit and can struggle with inertia and complacency. The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp is all about developing a daily routine as an artist in any creative field (Tharp is a choreographer). The Creative Habit can inspire Taurus writers to create a consistent, inspiring writing routine as well as learn how to maintain that routine long-term.


Gemini are perceptive, pick up knowledge quickly, and are extremely curious. They are constantly asking questions and trying to understand things better. Story Genius by Lisa Cron will quench Gemini writers’ thirst for knowledge by diving into the brain science behind writing a great story that captures and keeps readers’ attention, allowing Geminis to gain a deeper understanding of the craft of writing.


Cancers are known for their sensitivity, but they can struggle with a fear of vulnerability and may find it difficult to share their feelings and experiences, especially negative or painful ones. They also tend to be nostalgic and enjoy digging into the past, their own and others. Body Work by Melissa Febos will help Cancer writers with the emotional work of being vulnerable and sharing their story with the world.


Leos are warm and bold with a sense of confidence and effortlessness. Zen in the Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury is a celebration of writing in which Bradbury shares both his own experiences as a writer as well as advice and wisdom. Like Leos themselves, the book exudes boldness and warmth, and it will leave Leos feeling inspired to follow their instincts and passions as a writer.


Virgos are particular about things; they can be perfectionists and they pay close attention to details. They like setting goals and checking items off of their to-do lists, but they also have tons of ideas and can struggle to express themselves. Outlining Your Novel by K.M. Weiland walks writers through the process of creating an outline to make the novel writing process more efficient, which will help Libra writers learn to express their ideas, while still allowing them to focus on the details.


Libras are empathetic and adaptable, but they also tend to be risk-averse and indecisive, which might lead to avoiding writing for fear of taking a risk to put their work out there. Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg is about helping writers take that leap and can help Libras learn to take risks with their writing.


Scorpios are known for being mysterious and intense, but they’re also bold and fearless. On Writing by Stephen King is both a craft book and memoir of King’s journey to becoming a successful and prolific novelist. Fearless Scorpios will enjoy the blunt, no nonsense advice, as well as the sarcastic and witty delivery.


Sagittarius is a fearless adventurer on a quest for knowledge. They are curious about themselves and constantly on a journey for self-improvement and self-exploration. The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron will allow Sagittarius writers to better embrace the journey of creativity, get to know themselves better and grow as artists.


Capricorns are known for being responsible and disciplined perfectionists, but they also have a fear of failure and struggle with self-criticism. They feel a need to prove to themselves that they are capable or talented. Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott is all about embracing the journey of writing, particularly the terrible first draft, and Capricorns would benefit from learning to accept imperfection and embrace the messy parts of the process.


Aquarius is the bohemian of the zodiac. Free-spirited, inventive, and unique, Aquarius tends to be somewhat of a rebel. The Writing Life by Annie Dillard is a collection of essays about being a writer. Dillard doesn’t try to provide specific advice or rules to follow, which Aquarius writers would likely rebel against anyway; instead, she writes, in brilliant prose, about the struggles and joys of dedicating yourself to the life of a writer.


Pisces are the romantics and dreamers of the zodiac. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert is all about the magic of creativity, but also about the sometimes harsh realities of being an artist. This delicate balance will help keep dreamy Pisces’ head in the clouds and feet on the ground at the same time.

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