Just My Type #8: Set Goals Based on Your Human Design

Just My Type explores the ways our personality, fears and motivations impact our writing and, using personality types, provides suggestions for tailoring your writing practice to who you are as a unique, creative human.


Human Design is a system based on a combination of ancient and modern philosophies like Western astrology, chakras, Kabbalah, quantum physics and the I Ching. Your design, also known as your chart or body graph, is based on the date, time and place you were born (you can get your chart for free here) and represents different types of energy, how they present for you and flow in your life, and how you can harness them to lead the life most aligned with your true self.

A Human Design chart can look very complex and confusing if you’re not familiar with it, but one of the easiest and simplest places to start learning about your design is your energy type, which will be defined for you alongside your chart. There are five possible energy types: Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Reflector, and Projector. Your energy type is ultimately about how much energy you have and how you can best direct your energy to create ease and flow in your life.

Because each energy type is so different in how they best work, create, and set and accomplish goals, knowing your own type can be helpful in accepting who you are and building routines that work for you. As a writer, you can harness the knowledge of your design and energy type to set writing goals that feel right for you and keep you motivated without burning out.


Manifestors are the trailblazers and innovators of the world. They are independent, hate being told what to do and thrive with a sense of autonomy. Manifestor energy comes in powerful bursts, and manifestors are great at starting new projects and making things happen, but to avoid exhausting themselves, they also need to learn to prioritize rest and take time to sit in solitude.
When setting goals as a Manifestor, let yourself dream up those big dreams and then share them with the world! Maybe join a public writing challenge, such as NaNoWriMo, or just post about your writing goals and progress on social media. Don’t forget to include rest in your goals, like taking days off  every week, planning a solo trip or taking yourself on an artist date à la The Artist’s Way to recharge and get reinspired.


Generators are builders and hustlers with seemingly endless energy. They have consistent energy and aren’t as susceptible to burnout as the other types. However, Generators might jump quickly into a new project or goal only to find themselves struggling later with boredom because the project was based on external expectations or pleasing others. It’s important for Generators to take their time before saying yes to a new project and make sure it feels authentic for them.
When setting goals as a Generator, the sky’s the limit when you are working on something you’re truly passionate and excited about.  You have tons of energy when you’re working in flow. When you’ve found a project you’re passionate about, feel free to set ambitious writing goals. Try to avoid attaching any of your goals to others’ expectations or external outcomes and focus your goals entirely on what you can accomplish in your writing time.

Manifesting Generators

Manifesting Generators (MGs) are a blend of Manifestor and Generator energy. They are fantastic multitasking, but their motivation and productivity tend to ebb and flow on a daily basis. MGs love to try new things and, like Manifestors, have bursts of energy, but need to remember to take time to recharge. They can also often grow frustrated when they no longer feel passionate or excited about something they’re working on.
When setting goals as an MG writer, like a Generator, you’ll want to take your time in deciding what projects you’re really excited about, rather than what projects you feel like you should work on. Once you’re ready to dive in, feel free to share with the world like a Manifestor. You might be excited about a lot of different things, and it’s okay to switch things up! Don’t be afraid to set aside goals and projects for new ones. You’ll be the most motivated and energized when you allow yourself to follow your gut.


Reflectors are the mirrors of the world. They are the rarest type and also the most affected by the energy of others around them. Reflectors should take a long time before making decisions, because their energy can fluctuate so much. It’s important for Reflectors to know that they don’t need to keep up with everyone around them.
When setting goals as a Reflector, it’s important to take your time and make sure your goals truly light you up and aren’t being influenced too strongly by what others are doing. Reflectors also need to take the most care in finding environments that are joyful and supportive for them. Reflector writers might benefit from finding a writing group for accountability and support, but take your time finding the right group and if something doesn’t feel right, it’s okay to keep looking.


Projectors have the lowest amount of energy of any of the types, but they are also the most efficient. It’s important that Projectors don’t get pulled into trying to keep up with everyone around them, because they’ll end up exhausted and burnt out. Projectors can often see the easiest and most efficient ways of doing things, so they don’t need to spend as many hours doing them as the other types.
When setting goals as a Projector, it’s important to honor your own energy and not try to keep up with the hustle culture and some of the more energetic types. The more you honor yourself and work within your energy, the more your creativity will flow. Keep your goals small and manageable and focus on consistency over quantity. Maybe set a goal to write a small amount daily, or limit your writing time to a specific day(s) of the week and reserve the remaining days for resting, rejuvenating and gathering inspiration.


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