Just My Type #2: Find Your Voice Using Your Mercury Sign

Just My Type explores the ways our personality, fears and motivations impact our writing and, using personality types, provides suggestions for tailoring your writing practice to who you are as a unique, creative human.


When most people think of astrology, they might think of their Sun sign and maybe their Moon and Rising signs. However, your birth chart has many other factors that can influence different aspects of who you are (you can get a free birth chart here). In particular, the placement of Mercury in your birth chart impacts how you think, learn, process information, and communicate. As a writer, knowing the impact of your Mercury sign can help you find and develop your authentic voice.

Mercury in Aries

With Mercury in Aries, you’re likely direct, unfiltered and love a mental challenge. You think quickly and do well with short bursts of work. When writing, don’t force yourself to write past your mental limit. Let yourself write with no filter until you run out of steam, then take a break and come back to your writing when your mind is refreshed. Your initial, instinctual ideas reflect your true voice, so when you feel inspired, don’t hold back, and when you don’t, don’t force it.

Mercury in Taurus

With Mercury in Taurus, you’re likely methodical and take your time gathering your thoughts. You work systematically and like having a plan. Let yourself mull over an idea for a long time without feeling guilty. It takes time for your mind to work through an idea, so wait until it has matured before you begin writing. You prefer to choose your words carefully, so take your time using your voice and sharing your ideas.

Mercury in Gemini

With Mercury in Gemini, you’re likely insightful, curious and charismatic. You love to learn new things and are great at research. Embrace your curiosity. Follow your interests and don’t be afraid to write about a new topic, try a new genre or take a class that piques your interest. People love to listen to you and it’s your deep curiosity that defines your authentic voice and will draw in readers.

Mercury in Cancer

With Mercury in Cancer, you’re likely compassionate, intuitive and reserved. You can easily sense the emotions of others and absorb what’s going on around you, but you tend to be shy about sharing your own feelings and ideas. Try to find a space to write that is quiet, comforting and private. You are able to share your voice more openly when you feel comfortable and safe.

Mercury in Leo

With Mercury in Leo, you’re likely confident, playful and genuine. You’re a natural storyteller and thrive in the spotlight. Your voice shines when you share it boldly and confidently, so don’t be afraid to express yourself and share your work with an audience.

Mercury in Virgo

With Mercury in Virgo, you’re likely logical, sharp-minded and a bit of a perfectionist. As a writer, you have a natural talent for language, but you’re someone who is always looking to improve. You want to master your craft, so study everything you can, read craft books and take courses. The more you learn about the craft of writing, the more confident you’ll be in your own voice as a writer.

Mercury in Libra

With Mercury in Libra, you’re likely thoughtful, diplomatic and empathetic. You take your time making decisions and are great at asking the right questions and working through pros and cons. You do your best thinking through dialogue with others. To find your most confident and genuine voice, find someone that you trust to share your work and talk through ideas with.

Mercury in Scorpio

With Mercury in Scorpio, you’re likely passionate, inquisitive and intentional. You like to dive deep, ask questions and investigate. You express your voice most clearly when you’re immersed in focused, uninterrupted work, so schedule some time for deep work and let yourself get lost in your writing.

Mercury in Sagittarius

With Mercury in Sagittarius, you’re likely optimistic, entrepreneurial and insatiably curious. You’re a multitasker and might even be a bit restless. You probably have several projects going on at once, so it may take you longer to complete a project than others. Embrace the journey and don’t worry about how soon you’ll get to the finish line. Your creative voice is strongest when you give your mind the time and freedom to wander and explore without pressure.

Mercury in Capricorn

With Mercury in Capricorn, you’re likely ambitious, structured and straightforward. You love to plan and strategize. You think and create in a linear, systematic way, so to find and develop your voice as a writer, try to plan out what you want to say before you begin, rather than rush into the writing itself. Writers with Mercury in Capricorn thrive with an outline.

Mercury in Aquarius

With Mercury in Aquarius, you’re likely eccentric, unconventional and innovative. You’re forward-thinking and a bit of a rebel, subtly breaking rules, pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo. You see the world from a different perspective, so embrace your individuality in your writing, because it’s what gives you a unique voice and helps your readers open their minds and see things in a new way.

Mercury in Pisces

With Mercury in Pisces, you’re likely imaginative, poetic and a daydreamer. You’re an abstract thinker and work well with visuals. If you’re struggling to find the right words while writing, try to create a visual representation of your ideas by making a mood board or drawing a picture. When you can find your sense of voice through visuals first, it can help you clarify what you want to say and how to say it.

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