Just My Type #14: Creating a Writing Practice Based on Your Human Design Type

Just My Type explores the ways our personality, fears and motivations impact our writing and, using personality types, provides suggestions for tailoring your writing practice to who you are as a unique, creative human.

As a writer, finding a writing practice that works for you and helps you create your best work is essential. Human Design is a system that combines different principles from ancient and modern philosophies, including Western astrology, chakras, Kabbalah, quantum physics, and the I Ching, and it can help guide you to a writing practice more in sync with your unique qualities. Your chart is based on the date, time and location you were born (you can get your chart for free here) and contains many different factors, but the first place to start when trying to live in alignment with your Human Design is your energy type. 


Your energy type tells you how you can best use your energy to live more authentically and find routines that work for you, rather than trying to replicate what others do and burning out or feeling frustrated or uninspired. Each energy type has different needs, so knowing your type can help you create a writing practice that feels right for you as a writer.




Manifestors have the energy to initiate, start new projects, and come up with new ideas and possibilities. They are known for being spontaneous and independent, and their writing practice will work best for them if it allows them to take advantage of that spontaneity and independence. For Manifestors, creating a consistent writing practice can be challenging because they don’t tend to enjoy being tied to a specific schedule. Instead, they can benefit from following their fluctuations in energy and taking advantage of their short bursts of writing energy. They should set achievable goals for themselves and work on their more challenging writing tasks when they feel more inspired and energized. 




Generators have the energy to work consistently and efficiently, especially if they are passionate and excited about something. A regular writing routine can be beneficial for Generators as they thrive on consistency and structure. Generators can thrive when they set a specific time of the day to write and stick to it. They should pay attention to the times of day they feel most energized and create their writing practice based on that rhythm, focusing on their writing during their peak energy hours and keeping things like moodboards nearby to continuously remind themselves why they are passionate about their writing projects and avoid burning out. It’s also essential for them to take breaks and rest during their low-energy times of day.


Manifesting Generators


Manifesting Generators are a mix of Manifestor and Generator energy. Like Generators, they have a lot of energy, but it is less consistent than pure Generators and can fluctuate like it does for Manifestors. MGs have the ability to get things done quickly and efficiently, so they should take advantage of the times they feel most energized to get as much writing done as possible, implementing tools like writing sprints into their practice. As an MG writer, it can be helpful to give yourself a regular schedule but still allow yourself the flexibility to vary the writing tasks you work on at different times, like drafting, researching, or revising, based on their different energy requirements.




Projectors are considered a non-energy type, which doesn’t mean they never have energy but rather that it is inconsistent. Projectors are known for being very efficient and accomplishing a lot in a small amount of time, but establishing a writing practice can be challenging for Projectors as they need to be in the right mindset to write. They should follow their natural energy in their writing practice, allowing themselves the flexibility to write when they feel inspired and avoid forcing themselves to write when they are not in the right mindset. Again, Projectors can get a lot done quickly and efficiently, so they should remember that they don’t necessarily need to write for hours and hours at a time to be a productive writer, rather than feeling guilt around not having as much energy for writing as other types might. It is essential for them to take breaks and rest between writing sessions to recharge their energy, and can even be helpful for them to work in a relaxed and restful way, such as writing from bed or just making sure their writing space is somewhere they feel cozy and comfy.




Reflectors are also considered a non-energy type, which means they don’t have consistent energy and often pick up on other people’s energy. Because other people’s energy and excitement can rub off on them, it’s important for their writing practice to include plenty of alone time. They need time to process their thoughts and ideas before writing to ensure they’re writing what they want rather than being overly influenced by others. Reflectors should also create a writing routine for themselves that allows for flexibility with their naturally fluctuating energy cycle. They should take time to reflect and evaluate their ideas rather than dive straight into writing, and should also avoid putting pressure on themselves to write, focusing on the quality of their writing time rather than the quantity.



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