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Rob Baker

Aspiring writer, digital artist, coder, and humanitarian. Open to collabs. he/him
MA, United States

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Website design and developmentTwenty years experience in website design and development. I've worked with WordPress, Squarespace, Craft, and others.
book cover design

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There are interesting discussions in the Sudowrite Discord about how writers are using that tool in their work. I wonder how people feel about ChatGPT and other AI tools: helpful instruments to combat writer's block or scary robots here to pollute the craft?
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2023. Day #1, rejection #1. But starting it out trying. So there's that.
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Self-publishers: Affinity v2 is out and you can basically get Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign for $100 for MacOS/Windows for life (yeah, not a subscription for once). Great software, highly recommended. (I am not affiliated with them.)