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he/him. writer, editor and creative in LA, CA. ghostwriter/copywriter by day, poet/screenwriter by night currently working on 1st chapbook/collection 🌊 read organica, my free poetry newsletter: raliapo.substack.com
Los Angeles, CA, United States


poem reads/edits!will read any poem and give high-level feedback for the price of a coffee! experience includes poems pub'd myself, screenwriting degree, prof ghostwriter/publisher at my day job, etc. flexible and price goes down the more poems u send me :)
detailed feedback
poetry editing
$500 - $5000
full-service help for self-publishing5+ years exp writing, dev/copyediting, proofing, and PMing self-pub book launches. 30+ books launched at #1 on amazon/ingram in multiple categories. top-to-bottom services avail (editing, layout, PM, research, promo). custom plans + flexible rates!
book production
developmental editing
print layout