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Grant writer by day, M.Nicole transforms her love for words into art after dark. Her first love is flash fiction, and poetry is her side piece. She loves to take her audience on a lyrical mind trip around the moon--usually for about 60 seconds.
Phoenix, AZ, United States


PROOFREADINGChecking for spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, sentence structure and punctuation ONLY. Issues will be marked for correction. This is considered a final walk through for your book. $199 for up to 200 pages.
$249 - $
LINE-BY-LINE EDITINGChecking for spelling errors, grammatical, errors, sentence structure, and overall pacing. Checking for writer's word choice and syntax conveys your tone or emotion of your voice. Price includes 200 pages. This edit follows developmental editing.
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DEVELOPMENTAL EDITING SERVICESI will provide an over all review of your book, novel, or story with an in-depth look at your plot, your pacing, character arcs, your tone, dialogue, and action sequences. It will not include line--by-line editing-no grammar or spelling.