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K.S. Baron is a poetry editor at Last Leaves Magazine and a budding digital artist. Her work has previously appeared in Spire Light, Havik Poetry, Burnt Pine Magazine, and others. She has a soft spot for sharp things (like cats and cacti).
NY, United States


Poetry WriterNeed a poem for a birthday card, holiday, special occasion, or just because? I'm offering poetry ghostwriting services for all your poem needs. I have my own style, but I'll do my best to get you what you want! Pricing is per single-page poem.
Copyeditor/ProofreaderI've worked as a freelance copyeditor for a few years, specializing in CMOS. I'm willing to take on a variety of projects from articles to full manuscripts. Billing starts at 1 hour as a base rate, and each additional hour increases the price.

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monday thought: being a digital mag doesn't have to mean ignoring the aesthetic. we offer a free digital PDF copy, and it looks exactly like the print--cover, ToC, the whole nine yards. we can't afford to pay submitters, but we can make them proud of their work
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i hardly used twitter and have no idea what i'm doing but hey! Last Leaves Magazine is open for submissions and you should go check out our website!