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An unpublished poet, I hope my work can some day find a home on the printed page. In 2022, I wrote something every day. In 2023, I have begun publishing on a small substack called typaphobe.
Cincinnati, OH, United States


$500 - $1000
Book DesignInterior book layout. Starts with 20 pp. sample of typography. Design dependent on complexity, range of treatments. Three options. Publisher/author choice. Pricing depends on complexity of project.
book design
picture book
$750 - $1000
Book Cover DesignIllustration and typography for book covers. 3 options. Publisher/author choice. Price depends on complexity.
book design
book cover design
$400 - $1400
BrandingStep 1. Visual Research and 3 stylescapes. Step 2. Typographic hierarchy, color, and a symbol set. Step 3. Lite, Med, Full design system packages.
graphic design
logo design