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Bethany Jarmul is an essayist, poet, and editor. Work in The Citron Review, Brevity blog, Gastropoda, Literary Mama, Sky Island, Allium, among others. She earned first place in Women On Writing's Q2 2022 essay contest. She lives near Pittsburgh.
Pittsburgh, PA, United States

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Writing Types of work Bethany has written: Press Releases Blog posts Articles Emails Advertising Content Website Content Social Media Posts Speeches Cover letters Resumes Essays Poems
$4 - $6
EditingGeneral comments— $4/page (double spaced) Line edits— $6/page (double spaced)

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Ya'll, I just found not one, but TWO acceptances in my "promotions" folder on my email!!!

So thrilled to have a micro fiction piece forthcoming from
Emerge Journal! WHAT!?! 🤩

And a micro nonfiction piece forthcoming from Five Minute Lit! 😃

(Check your promo folder!)
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A social media just for writers?!? Sign me up! Oh wait, I was already signed up, because I already had an account with ChillSubs. Don't even have to come up with a new password? Score! I'm here for it. 😃