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Sadee Bee is ever-evolving as living with mental illness is never a straight line and hopes to be a voice and advocate for those like her. She is inspired by strange dreams, magic, and creepy vibes. Visual Arts Editor, Sage Cigarettes Magazine
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I have two self-published fiction books that I took out of print a while ago. I'd like to try and put them back out into the world but I can't self-publish again (so much work). What presses accept this kind of stuff?
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I've been making so much art but like, failing when it comes to writing at the moment. Where has my inspiration gone?!
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I am currently open for art submissions, but please note that I will not be replying to subs until January 7th due to the winter holiday!

Art will be featured alongside published written pieces.

Send me your coolest and weirdest!

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A new CNF piece out today with Fauxmoir lit mag!

"In the absence of thought, time becomes less linear. I travel in and out of consciousness amid the battery of questions from faceless figures that say they only want to help"

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Another Chapbook rejection! It's all good, it's a solid work and I have a few more places to wait on answers from. :)
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Waiting on chapbook competition results is so difficult... lol, practically chewing my nails to the bone at this point.
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Hey all! I make art and sell it to pay medical bills. I’d like to make a couple more sales this month but no pressure. Check out my Etsy if you’re interested!
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