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"Diachro is not a traditional publisher. We’re more like a boarding house for a ragtag gang of literary partners-in-crime. We help our authors, our authors help us, our authors help our other authors, and then we collectively moan about how hard it is to get on #booktok."
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Diachroneity Books is a creative outlet for the collective publication of book-length fiction. We bring odd li’l literary creatures into the world—the experimental and niche kind, the sort that make conventional publishers say, “What an intriguing idea! But how would we sell that? Who’s even the audience? Why are you looking at me like that …?,” before they go quiet and stare off into the distance, uncertain now of, well, everything. Think of it like a digital Bloomsbury Group, but less white and upper-class and much more queer, in all the ways.




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