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"The best new gothic writing and art. We'll take the dark, the sacrilegious, and all of that good stuff that opens mouths and wounds."
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Max words: 12000Max pieces: 1Please send one piece of up to 12,000 words or up to three pieces of flash (max. 1,500 words each).


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Max words: 12000Please send one piece of up to 12,000 words or up to three pieces of flash (max. 1,500 words each).


Max pieces: 5


Max pieces: 5


Max pieces: 5


Max pieces: 5

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Ami J. Sanghvi

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Contributors on Chill Subs (9)

Melissa Martini

NJ, United States
"She/Her | Founder & EIC of Moss Puppy Mag"

Franny Mestrich

Philadelphia, PA, United States
"Franny Mestrich is a Philadelphia-based writer and theater artist. You can find her work at frannymestrich.com, her opinions at @frannymestrich on twitter, and her blog posts about all things kitsch at kitschconnoisseur.substack.com."

Margaret West

Meadville, PA, United States
"just messing around"

Debbie Miszak

Redford, MI, United States
"Debrah Miszak is a young writer living in Metro Detroit with her fiance and their boston terrier/husky rescue, Frodo. Her work has appeared in The Opiate, Wrongdoing Magazine and Spoonie Mag."

Robin Kinzer

Baltimore, MD, United States
"Robin is a queer, disabled poet, memoirist, & editor. Robin has pieces published in Wrongdoing Magazine, fifth wheel press, Kissing Dynamite, Delicate Friend, & others. She edits for the winnow, & starting in January, for The Broadkill Review."

Shawn Ferrari

MA, United States
"Shawn Ferrari (shey/they) is a silly queer person that lives in your computer screen. She knows that she doesn't have to write a third-person bio for this bio, but decided to do so anyways. She hopes that you like her art. "

livvy krakower

Amherst, MA, United States
"writer originally from new jersey and currently a student at umass amherst :) lover of tea, dancing, and napping!"


Minneapolis, MN, United States
"queer, nonbinary multidisciplinary artist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (unceded Očhéthi Šakówiŋ land), working in collage, zinemaking, mail art, mixed media & graphic design "

Mary Kate Nyland

Dublin, Ireland

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