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A literary magazine dedicated to the creatively selfish--the poignant, pungent, & passionate autobiographical work.


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Nonfiction - 3500 words max

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Media Analysis Essays: Pick one of your favorite books, movies, tv shows, etc. and provide an in-depth analysis of it. Must be under 3500 words. RAVE Report: The Skipping Stone is about YOU! We want to see you absolutely rave. Talk about your favorite hobby, food, sport, experience, or concept at large. Literally anything. Must be under 2000 words.


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The Skipping Stone Review was founded with the vision of giving voice to all walks of life from all over the globe a personal voice in their writing. TSS is an engravement of the truth that is a skipping stone--that life skips on. No matter how heavy we are, we're capable of skipping forward. The ...

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