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a journal about art, politics, and culture. We try our best to think independently.

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Nonfiction - 3000 words max

Max words: 900

Max words: 3000

Commentaries are opinion pieces on issues of importance, and should be 900-1200 words in length. Essays are longer, more formal think-pieces on subjects like politics, culture, social issues, and education that do not need a topical news peg. These can be philosophical, and even scholarly in tone, and should address big ideas. The length can be anywhere up to 3,000-words. We welcome the work of scholars eager to express their ideas in a non-academic (but-academic-friendly) space. Features are topical think-pieces on subjects like politics, culture, social issues, and education, of 900-1800 words. They should have some connection to current events and the news, or cultural events. They might be news-analysis features, or extensive profiles of prominent artists, writers, activists, etc. While a feature article should have a strong point of view and thesis, it should not be explicitly polemical. It should be well-documented, with interviews and/or references to sources


Max words: 600

Max words: 1200

Reviews of recently-released books, films, television, live, and recorded music should be 600-1200 words in length.


Sub Genres: All / surprise us

There are no length restrictions, but we may serialize submissions of greater than 2000 words.


No specific limitations


Video content in all genres. This includes short films and video art, music videos.


Audio content in all genres. This includes music videos and podcasts.

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    In addition to a brief outline of your pitch and an estimated word count, queries should include some biographical information.

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    No specific eligibility requirements

  • Formatting

    Articles should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document (.docx) attachment by email to The Typescript uses University of Chicago style for essays and AP style for news and feature articles. Please use American spellings, and observe the following conventions in prose and non-fiction submissions: Line Spacing: Single-spaced, with a 1-line, or 12-point paragraph space after each paragraph. Please do not insert extra carriage returns between paragraphs. Please do not indent first line. Titles: Book, film, album, and major work titles are italicized. Essay, short story, song, newspaper article, and minor work titles are in quotation marks. Thus: the Adventures of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, and “Starman.” Punctuation: Use the Oxford comma, and insert a single space after a period. Hyperlinks: We encourage the use of hyperlinks in articles. Writers should use the insert-link function in Microsoft Word, or type the link text between carat brackets, after the link text. Thus, format a link to The Typescript <>.

  • Author's rights

    Submission to The Typescript constitutes a non-exclusive grant of first publication rights, for publication in digital and related media. Contributors retain their copyright. Contributors warrant that submissions are their own property, and will indemnify and hold harmless The Typescript against any and all claims or actions arising out of a breach or alleged breach of the foregoing warranties.

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The Typescript publishes a wide range of content consistent with our mission statement. We are particularly interested in writing about the intersections of culture and politics, both in terms of cultural politics and the politics of culture, but also points of connection between politics and cultur...

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