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'Bleeder' by M.M. Carrigan

I had an emo LiveJournal friend in the early 2000s. She is now a lauded, award-winning author. A National Book Award finalist. Her debut novel is being developed into a television series. Entertainment Weekly writes feature articles about her. She writes for The New Yorker. She has her own sidebar profile when you Google her name. Her Wikipedia page has multiple sections including “Early Life” and “Selected Works.” Even the dilapidated library in my hometown, which has never updated to a modern computer system, probably has a card in the card catalog for her. On Twitter, she shares reviews of her recent memoir, which is being touted as reinvention of the form. Meanwhile, on my Twitter, I posted a picture of a California Raisins coffee mug I found at the thrift store. It was 99 cents, and it says “Merry Christmas 1988.” A grand new vessel for my tears.
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'TRUCKS IN NEVADA' by Jared Stanley

Like most Nevadans, I’m from somewhere else. And like many of us, that somewhere is California. I am a creature of California’s superlatives: the easy beauty of San Francisco in the summer fog, how casually it wears its fault lines and potential for catastrophe. And because I’m a Californian, Nevada’s understated intensity—its harshness, the things it does to the skin (my arms and thighs are dotted with weird eczemas and scaly blotches), the way it forces you to really stare at something for awhile if you want to see it. It’s the most arid desert in the US, full of tiny, ground-hugging plants and creatures, and a relentless dry wind. Moving here required a new practice of observation and a thicker skin.
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'RESIGNATION MODES' by Jeff Alessandrelli

My dog won’t stop jumping on the couch, so eventually I love him for it. My husband can’t keep a steady job, so instead I grow inordinately fond of his ambient sound collages. Since he will not, I eventually try to sell them on his behalf. If to love is to be resigned to compromise, the compromiser and the compromisé soon forget who is who, which renegotiation is being renegotiated unto what agreement that needs to be thought through anew.
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'Well No One Ever Said Breeding Was Easy' by Rachel Galvin

Attempted for years to have a child gave up, adopted a child, got pregnant Zipping your lips is what they call it when you pretend it doesn’t hurt Budgeted for four rounds of IVF had three miscarriages, one healthy baby You should just adopt, people said Ceased taking depression meds to do fertility treatments and grew suicidal X-rays are what they call it when they squirt you full of iodine to check your tubes Delivered a stillborn baby, then miscarried Wage gap is what they call it when women make 77 cents for every dollar earned by men
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