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The Quiet Ones is a free-to-download e-zine that centers LGBTQIAP+ and women’s voices in the subgenres of quiet horror and intimate dystopian fiction, both for YA and Adult audiences.

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Fiction (Short Stories)

Max words: 1201

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Sub Genres: Horror, Science Fiction, Speculative

Payment: $ 25 per piece

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Max words: 1200

Sub Genres: Horror, Science Fiction, Speculative

Poetry (Narrative Poetry/Stories in Verse)

Payment: $ 25 per piece

Narrative Poetry/Stories in Verse up to 1200 Words

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    In case of acceptance, please also include a brief biography in the third person of approximately 75 words, including any personal social media links (such as a Twitter or personal website) that you’d like to share.

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    We primarily seek creative work from those who identify as LGBTQIAP+, women, and allies. We’re especially fond of (though do not require) stories that center LGBTQIAP+ and female characters. That said, we welcome work from anyone and everyone, and we do not automatically disqualify any submissions based on the author’s identity, nor do we require our contributors to share their sexual or gender identities.

  • Formatting

    Please submit your work as an email attachment in .doc/.docx format. Ensure your document contains your story title, your name (or pen name), and an approximate word count. In the event that your story is selected for publication, we will need your legal name for the contract. Please include a header on each page of your document with your surname, title and page number. Your document should be formatted in Times New Roman, 12pt., with double line spacing and indented paragraphs (double line spacing does not apply to poetry).

  • Author's rights

    We request first worldwide and digital rights for four months following publication. Thereafter all rights revert to the author. All copyright remains with the author.

  • Additional info

    We love fusing genres together and are happy to consider stories that make us laugh, cry, or swoon – as long as they contain elements of horror and/or dystopia. A ghostly romance, or a slapstick Mad Max (for example) would fit right in here.

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For our purposes: “Quiet Horror” applies to atmospheric, unsettling stories that rely more on mood and rhythm than on shock and gore. Examples of quiet horror include: classic ghost stories and shorts like The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe, modern moody masterworks like The Walls Around Us by:...

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