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"Founded in 2021, THE HYACINTH REVIEW is an online journal dedicated to exploring the humanities through various mediums & providing free learning resources for all."
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Current theme: Divine. "This theme is open for interpretation, but if you need a little inspiration, think: awe, beauty, faith, spirituality…we can’t wait to see what you submit!"
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Contributors on Chill Subs (10)

Tamara Bašić

"she/her; 26; vicious daydreamer"


Minneapolis, MN, United States
"Sadee Bee is ever-evolving as living with mental illness is never a straight line and hopes to be a voice and advocate for those like her. She is inspired by strange dreams, magic, and creepy vibes. Visual Arts Editor, Sage Cigarettes Magazine "

Blair Center

Aberdeen, United Kingdom
"21 // He/Him // Scotland // President of the University of Aberdeen English Literature Society // Vice President of the University of Aberdeen Creative Writing Society // "


Atlanta , GA, United States
"T.A. Jones (he/him) is a Black poet/writer based in Atlanta, Georgia. He graduated from Western Carolina University with a bachelors in English and minor in Creative Writing. He currently works as a preschool teacher and occasional music journalist."

Mason Martinez

Queens, NY, United States
"Mason Martinez (they/them) is a latin, nonbinary writer from Queens, New York. They are a Creative Writing graduate from SUNY Purchase. If they're not writing, they're wandering in the woods, getting lost."

Beatriz Seelaender

Sao Paulo, Brazil
"Brazilian writer, mostly short stories and CNF, though recently I also started submitting poetry. 'The Austenites' coming soon, 'All According to Norm' and 'Canon Familiaris' coming next year. "

Dee Grimes

Lears, Barbados
"Staunch tea girl. Dee's work is a palette of themes: witty, outrageous, grim and unsettling, and soul-lightening Zen. Her stories and poems are an accurate reflection of what she loves to read and watch. Her favourite tea is Earl Grey-take note. "

Will Moran

Birmingham, United Kingdom
"Will Moran (they/he) is a writer and editor living in Birmingham, UK. They are an intern for the Winterbourne House and Garden, working on a chapbook and blog to celebrate the historic site through the poetic form. "

Sara Kass Eifler

Hyannis, MA, United States
"Sara Kass Eifler (she/they) is a queer disabled Jewish writer, professional vegan, and rabbinic student."

Emma Cholip

Madison, WI, United States
"I'm a 23 year old nonbinary author, specializing in fictional writing, but am always broadening my horizons. I am currently in Wisconsin and edit for Messy Misfits Club zine! I also write some poetry."

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