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The Hyacinth Review is an online journal dedicated to exploring the humanities through various mediums & providing free learning resources for all.


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    When you can submit your work to multiple magazines at the same time

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    When the magazine wants to publish your previously published work. Requirements vary

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Fiction - 5000 words max

Max words: 5000

Max pieces: 2

Sub Genres: All / surprise us

Nonfiction - 5000 words max

Max words: 5000

Max pieces: 2

Sub Genres: All / surprise us

Creative nonfiction


Max pieces: 2

We accept all forms of poetry. There is no line limit.


Max words: 2000

Max pieces: 2


No specific limitations


Max pieces: 10

Any visual or audial media including – but not limited to – photography, drawing & painting, videography, and music.


Max pieces: 10

See "Art".


Max pieces: 12



Max pieces: 2

Short films.

How to submit

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    Google / other forms

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    We do not require a bio or introduction until your piece has been accepted.

  • Eligibility

    We want to remind submitters that we are a safe space for POC, LGBTQIA+ people, disabled people, and other marginalized groups. We have a zero-tolerance policy for the following: racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, antisemitism, and any/every other form of bigotry. Work that idolizes or excuses these behaviors will not be considered. If your work includes a slur or touches on these topics in a way that is meant to undermine or expose them (and you are a member of the marginalized group in question), please make a note in your submission email so that we can read the piece with this in mind. We have a zero tolerance policy for AI generated submissions of any medium. This includes (but is not limited to), poetry, creative writing, essays, columns, and all mediums of art & photography. Any individuals found to be submitting AI generated work to us during our open call will be blacklisted from our submissions.

  • Formatting

    This file should include your last name, the title of the first piece in the file, and the submission category, for example: Surname_Poem1_Poetry or Surname_Title_CreativeWriting The title of each piece must be clearly discernible from the piece itself. Each piece must begin on a new page. A simple, readable font (like Times New Roman) in 12 pt font is ideal. For written submissions: Please include all poetry pieces that you are submitting in one genre within one file. If you are submitting multiple poems, they should all be on one document with the titles clearly differentiated from the body text. If you are submitting multiple creative writing pieces or essays, it is acceptable to submit individual documents due to the length of the work. Photos, art pieces, music, and short film submissions: Non-written media may of course be submitted as multiple files or links, but should also be named with the proper file name format. Please do not submit artwork on a PDF or DOC file. This seriously decreases the quality of the image. Images should be submitted in PNG format. If you would like to submit more files than the contact form below allows, please compress them as a ZIP file or provide a link to a Google Drive or Dropbox folder containing all of the files.

  • Author's rights

    Your work is yours. We humbly request that if you do publish a piece elsewhere after it has initially been published in The Hyacinth Review that the subsequent publications credit us as the original publication.

  • Additional info

    Accept previously published

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In the Victorian language of flowers, the hyacinth sends the message: ‘your loveliness charms me’. In Greek mythology, the hyacinth sprung from the blood of Hyacinthus, lover of Apollo. Wherever it’s represented, the hyacinth symbolizes an aesthetic appreciation which, as our name suggests, is the f...

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