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The Future Fire publishes beautiful and useful fiction and poetry that focuses on the social-political elements of imaginary, futuristic, fantastic, horrifying, surreal or otherwise speculative universes.

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  • Vibe:Send us your best but less intimidating
  • Response time:
    within 7 days*
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    41 days*
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Pays$10-$20 per piece

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  • Accepts simultaneous submissions

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    When you can submit your work to multiple magazines at the same time

  • Accepts previously published

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    When the magazine wants to publish your previously published work. Requirements vary

  • Nominates for prizes

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  • Offers expedited response

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    Expedited submission: When the magazine offers a faster response time for an extra fee

Fiction - 17500 words max

Max words: 1001

Max words: 17500

Max pieces: 1

Sub Genres: Literary

Payment: $ 20 per piece

Fiction - 1000 words max

Max words: 1000

Sub Genres: Literary


Max lines: 100

Max pieces: 1

Payment: $ 10 per piece

We are flexible with regard to format and length, but prefer poems under about 100 lines without too much elaborate formatting on the page.


To offer a review or to join the reviews team please contact to query before sending your writing (subject line: "TFF query: review"). Reviews should be critical and balanced; very few works are all bad or all good. Show that you have read/watched the work sensitively and carefully. A TFF review is generally a discussion and interpretation of a piece of work rather than merely a description and summary of the contents; at the very least consider what the work is about rather than merely what it contains. The reviews team (including the editors) are all volunteers; we do not pay for reviews—although you get to keep the title you've reviewed.


Max pieces: 2

Payment: $ 10 per piece

How to submit

  • Processs


  • Cover letter

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  • Eligibility

    No specific eligibility requirements

  • Formatting

    We prefer .docx files, but can also read .doc, .rtf or .odt (query first for any other format), in an easy-to-read font such as Times New Roman/Palatino and using no other formatting than italics. Do not include your name anywhere in the document; we make all decisions based upon anonymised submissions.

  • Author's rights

    Upon acceptance of a story, we shall ask authors to agree to this electronic contract: “You [LEGAL NAME*] of [ADDRESS] grant us, The Future Fire, the non-exclusive right to publish your work [TITLE] by [PEN NAME BYLINE OR PSEUDONYM] on the pages of our website and in the downloadable e-book versions; all other rights to this work belong to you. We shall upon publication make payment of [$20/$10] ([twenty/ten] US dollars) by Paypal to the account [EMAIL ADDRESS]. If we have not published your story within one calendar year of this contract, all rights shall revert to you. You guarantee that this work is your own and that you have the right to grant us the use of it, and that the work contains nothing that breaks copyright or other laws. Any actions breaking such laws will be your sole responsibility. We will print a copyright notice in your name, but we will not register the work with any copyright office on your behalf. You may reprint or adapt the work anywhere in the world, but we would ask as a courtesy that you wait three months after publication and credit us for first appearance.”

  • Additional info

    We are particularly interested in feminist, queer, postcolonial and ecological themes, and writing by under-represented voices (but nobody is required to self-identify, publicly or privately, as any identity).

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