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Clara Ray Rusinek Klein



'The Edge of Yourself' by Claire Marsden

You cocoon yourself in your routines, your loves. Keep going. Stay steady. An indwelling of the familiar. Your brain about to burst through the cracks in your skull. Easy now. Breathe. At times, you feel as though you are standing at the edge of a volcano, staring into its depths. Too preoccupied, or tired, to look behind you. To see me, sitting here, shining. Patiently waiting. With love as bright as a thousand suns. Trying so hard, to look away.
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'Twenty Thousand Days' by Jürgen Stahl

Granddad had more than twenty thousand days to tell. Did he leave the old photos for me? To discover who he was until he had nearly vanished from my memory? Together with the other past lives left behind in his attic, in the country I once knew. A young man in grey uniform, standing at the edge of a gaping pit, patches of grey snow on the ground. Watching. Men, women and children looking up at him from the bottom of the grave. Waiting. Twenty thousand days silence. And he would never have to endure the look in my eyes.
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'Choking Hazard' by Heather MacDonald

What fruits are dangerous? I cut grapes in half. I pit cherries. But, did you know a strawberry can’t be popped loose? Instead, it squishes. Dribbling juice down my son’s throat. As paramedics scramble to save my choking child, his face turns blue. My clammy hands clutch the empty bag from his snack. Each second stretches. Can I see across infinity to heaven’s door? If I could, I’d reach out and snatch his hand like all other times when he’s tried to run into the street. Then, his gasp is a melody. My hands shake as I clutch my baby.
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'Always the Realist' by Waverly X. Night

When my sister dropped out of school to pursue music, my parents said she was ruining her life. My sister works longer hours than I do and for less money. She’s not well known, mostly working the bar scene and a few private parties, but she loves it. It gives her hope that her dream is still within reach. I used to agree with our parents, but now I can’t help envying my sister. I wish I loved something like she loves music. I wish I dreamed wild, maddening dreams worth chasing into daylight, but I am already wide awake.
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