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Established in cooperation with the University of Chicago Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation in 2000, The Awakenings Review is one of the nation's leading literary reviews entirely committed to publishing the works of artists, writers, and poets with mental illness.


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  • Response time:
    1 week to 2 months*
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  • Acceptance rate:
    19% *
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Fiction - 5000 words max

Max words: 500

Max words: 5000

Sub Genres: Literary

Nonfiction - 5000 words max

Max words: 500

Max words: 5000

Sub Genres: , , , ,

creative nonfiction, book chapters, or essays


Max pieces: 5

3-5 poems


Max words: 500

Max words: 5000

topics about mental illnesses


Max pieces: 8

looks for color photos, landscape orientation, for cover art


short: dramatic scenes, 10-minute plays

How to submit

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  • Cover letter

    Authors should include a cover letter describing their relationship with mental illness: either self, family member, or friend of someone who struggles with mental illness. While this information is voluntary and its absence will not preclude your work from being considered, if your work is accepted for publication you will be asked to submit a short biography where we would like you to supply this information. Upon acceptance, we request that a writer or poet submit a biography of no more than 150 words to us. We ask that they at least mention their relationship with mental illness.

  • Eligibility

    Creators w/ disabilities
    persons who have had a personal experience with mental illness

  • Formatting

    Pages should be numbered, and the writer's name, address, phone, and email address should appear at the top of the first page of each piece submitted.

  • Author's rights

    Writers, poets, and artists retain the copyright to their material. By submitting work, they agree to assign to The AR one-time rights for publication.

  • Additional info

    The AR looks for submissions from writers and poets who have a distinct relationship to mental illness-either self, family member, or friend. A writer for The Awakenings Review (The AR) need not have a mental illness—we are open to submissions from family members and friends of people with mental illnesses. We do prefer that a writer have a mental illness of some type, and be willing to write about it, but that does not have to be the focus of the writings. Initial response within 7 days, if shortlisted then a final response within 60 days.

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FIRST AND FOREMOST, WE ARE WRITERS, MUSICIANS, PLAYWRIGHTS, AND ARTISTS. SECONDLY, WE ARE PEOPLE WHO KNOW MENTAL ILLNESS FIRSTHAND. The Awakenings Project serves a distinctive population. Only a handful of organizations other than The Awakenings Project curate art shows of this kind at national or...

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