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  • Vibe:Send us your best but less intimidating
  • Response time:
    1-2 months*
    Editor reported data
  • Acceptance rate:
    3% *
    Editor reported data

Pays$15 per piece

Find more details in the Genres section


Find more details in the Genres section

  • Accepts simultaneous submissions

    What's that?

    When you can submit your work to multiple magazines at the same time

  • Accepts previously published

    What's that?

    When the magazine wants to publish your previously published work. Requirements vary

  • Nominates for prizes

  • Active on social media

  • Available in print

  • Provides contributor copies

  • Has examples online

  • Offers expedited response

    What's that?

    Expedited submission: When the magazine offers a faster response time for an extra fee

Fiction - 1500 words max

Max words: 1500

Sub Genres: Literary, Magical Realism

Submission fee: $ 4

Payment: $ 15 per piece

Nonfiction - 1500 words max

Max words: 1500

Submission fee: $ 4

Payment: $ 15 per piece


Max pieces: 1

Submission fee: $ 4

Payment: $ 15 per piece

How to submit

  • Processs


  • Cover letter

    No cover letter advice

  • Eligibility

    No specific eligibility requirements

  • Formatting

    Please submit one poem in a single document. If special formatting is required, please send it as a pdf. Please note, we may not be able to reproduce special formatting on the web and mobile versions of your poem but will attach a PDF. Fiction and Nonfiction: Please include the word count and title in your document.

  • Author's rights

    Author rights and Publisher rights for selected works are outlined below: Author grants to Publisher the following worldwide English publication rights of Work: a.) First worldwide electronic publication rights. b.) Exclusive rights for a period of six (6) months from the date of publication. 1.) After six (6) months the Creator may publish or permit others to publish this Work; Creator will use best efforts to ensure that the Work is credited as originally published in Tangled Locks Journal. c.) Non-exclusive electronic rights on the website of Tangled Locks Journal for so long as the website is maintained. d.) Creator additionally grants to Publisher the right to use for promotional purposes Creator’s name or pen name, biographical material, and responses to interview questions as approved of at the time of printing based on information previously submitted by Creator. No response from Creator at the time of printing means the previously submitted information is approved. e.) All rights not explicitly granted in this contract remain with Creator.

  • Additional info

    We welcome all authors and their words with one caveat in mind — if you can sum up your female character in one line (or worse yet: one word), our publication is probably not for you.

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Average acceptance rate

34 days

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294 days

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12-month average acceptance rate

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Tangled Locks Journal is an online literary journal committed to sharing complex, well-rounded stories, poetry, and essays that illuminate the experience and lives of women. We publish four full issues a year and feature one short piece each month that does not have a full issue scheduled. Too often...

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