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The Swamp Ape is a legend that reflects Florida—its mythology, its weirdness—as well as the human desire to create a narrative around that which we can’t explain.


  • Vibe:Weird / outsider / wtf even is it
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Fiction - 6000 words max

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Sub Genres: All / surprise us, wtf idk

Nonfiction - 6000 words max

Max words: 6000

Sub Genres: All / surprise us


Max pieces: 5

Please only submit up to one file. Up to five poems per submission.

Hybrid (South Florida Feature)

South Florida writers of any genre and visual artists. Our neighbors. Our homies. We might see you at some of the local hangs and you know that weird spot off 95.


No specific limitations


No specific limitations

Wtf is genre, send anything (Swamp)

Hybrid pieces, stinky pieces, pieces you don't even know what to call. It's funky in the swamp.

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    All work will be considered for both the print and online issues. If your work is meant to function in both formats (i.e. collaboratively in print and online), please indicate this in your cover letter. (We would love to see submissions of this nature.)

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    For all submissions (fiction, poetry, nonfiction, visual art, and swamp), we ask for the right to display and archive work in multiple electronic formats, such as on our website and in PDF, as well as in print for special issues. We acquire First Rights to the work (i.e. the piece must not have been previously published in print or online), with all rights reverting back to the author upon publication. After publication, we greatly appreciate any reprints acknowledging that the piece was first published in Swamp Ape Review.

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Submission calls



    Deadline: Aug 2, 2024

    All prose submissions are considered for the Justin Waldron Memorial Prize.

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Sometimes referred to as a “Skunk Ape” or “Swamp Cabbage Man,” the Swamp Ape is the southern equivalent of Bigfoot—an eight-foot-tall missing evolutionary link—but ours has the bonus of smelling awful. Taking this legend into account, submissions to the Swamp should defy form to the extent that the ...

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