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'Them Trophies' by Angie St. John

The Jeff City county fairground is a holding pen for teens filling that emptiness with Bud Light and pictures of each other, but it’s really a vacuum of worship. And what they need is in those woods out by Apache Flatts; they just have to come and see. Margie is slurping it all in behind a Canon XL2 Camcorder on an aluminum tripod that takes her four minutes to set up because three boys are watching from the Junior class, and she is still wearing her school uniform pants from Friday. Their eyes might see through her to the chafing holes rubbed out in-between her khaki thighs as she bends over the equilibrium bubble of the tripod and straightens that sucker out, one leg at a time, letting her press badge dangle.
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'Possession Diary' by Anthony DiPietro

The first devil was my craving for salty snacks. Second, a habit of dashing off emails in anger. A twenty-four-hour cool-down period is always advisable. Third, I could see the future. Fourth place, I could never decide how I felt about procreation. Fifth was not a specific song, but the fact that melody never left my mind. I was always hearing music, even when I wasn’t listening to it. Whistling something or other. Or sometimes holding my lips in the shape of a whistle but sucking in air, a shrill imitation of wind. And in my head, fat brass, soaring strings, chiming bells, the whole bit.
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'A Smart Girl’s Guide to Boys (A Found Essay)' by Nichole Rued

Dear Reader, Boys. You’ve grown up with them. They’ve been teammates and classmates, neighbors and pals. Boys are differentfrom girls in a lot of ways. Of course, you’ve got questions. You want to feel good. You want to be part of the fun without losing your pride or your brain or your heart. We hope this will make it easier for you to do that. Here, you’ll find advice from girls like you and even boys themselves.
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'Elegant Spot' by Dionne Custer Edwards

We come from farmers. My oldest son seemed surprised by that. I mean city life can remove us from the dirt— rub away the look, shape, sound of a stone. When we stood in the middle of a field in Sparta it was different from Cleveland. The sky divided into its deepest pitch, a grime we’ve grown accustomed to seeing.
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