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'pets' by nicky melville

I have an imaginary dog called Beckett after the writer Samuel it’s a whippet my sister says I should get two so I can call one Samuel and then shout Samuel! Beckett! when I’m walking them in the park when it is raining when it is not raining
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'Our Song' by Luca Bevacqua

2020 anyone? I’m scared of the future I’m scared of being boring, and I feel everything's changing. I’m wondering how are the people in the comments from 5 years ago, they're being a past and being watched by another people in this moment. This makes me wanna cry and drink with my friends until 4 run through a big city with no care in the world. I wanna do something crazy something insane and ethereal.
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'from Comment Section' by Ian Macartney

Saw them at primavera sound In that same concert i kissed an irish girl Punched a bunch of people Lost my cellphone Almost had a heart attack In the end i found the cellphone It was not broke It was biblical Cheers from brazil ​ I’ll tell my secret to the perfect stranger >.< It’s 3am Christmas day Why am i here This hurts in a beautiful way ​ A girl from tinder brought me here I didn’t even meet her It is unlikely that anyone will read this or care But i really hope that my life will get better soon This gives me hope that i can better myself as a person and open myself up emotionally I love you all
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'Starfish Time' by Brandon Brown

there’s so much bad shit happening all of the time maybe that’s what time is a mayfly lives for what we call five minutes in that span they swarm, fuck in the air, maybe flutter to the ground, lay four hundred thousand eggs four hundred thousand eggs! I hope the fuck feels good let’s just agree it does
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