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Exploration Revealed (ISSN 2754-4303) is Scientific Exploration Society's (SES) digital publication – a hybrid magazine


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    Our editors are happy to receive articles throughout the year and operate review and editorial decisions on a rolling basis. TWO article types: • magazine articles ranging between 300-800 words, according to the maximum limit specified per section • peer-reviewed academic articles a maximum of 1,500 words We invite articles for the following sections (for further information, download our Section Style Guide): • Climate sensitive expeditioning (max 800 words) • Country profile (max 800 words) • Epic fails (max 300 words) • Ethical dilemmas (max 800 words) • Expedition impact (max 800 words) • Expedition logistics (max 800 words) • Expedition revealed (max 800 words) • Extreme expeditioning (max 800 words) • In-country connections (max 300 words) • Innovation in the field (max 800 words) • Lessons from the grave (max 300 words) • Mind matters; bodily functions in the field (max 800 words) • Tales from the field (max 800 words) • The making of the documentary (max 300 words + link for trailer/film webpage) • Top kit tips (max 300 words) • Unwanted expedition souvenirs (max 300 words) • Young scientific explorers page (could be pictures with a caption, if article max 500 words) • Other – we're open to section heading ideas

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It aims to advance knowledge about, and provide peer-to-peer support for, scientific and adventure-led expeditions. It has been created with a view to learning through support, shared experiences, and the passing on of knowledge.







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