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"We like the absurd, the heartbreaking, the hysterical. We like rejection letters, fiction, poetry, CNF, hybrid, whatever."
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Contributors on Chill Subs (19)

Matt Rowan

Los Angeles , CA, United States
"Matt Rowan lives in Los Angeles. He edits Untoward and is author of the collections, Big Venerable, Why God Why, and How the Moon Works (Cobalt Press, 2021). He's placed work in Cosmonauts Avenue, HAD, and others. "


Houston, TX, United States
"Editor in Chief for Defunkt Magazine. MFA at Texas State. Copy Editor for Porter House Review. Queer. Mixed-Race Black-Mexican. Work in The Forge, Stanchion, Rejection Letters, etc. "

Clem Flowers

Samuel Milligan


Mariah Eppes

New York, NY, United States
"bedroom novelist"

daniel j flosi

"Daniel J Flosi sometimes thinks they are an apparition living in a half-acre coffin within the V of the Mississippi and Rock Rivers. Daniel is a poetry reader at Five and is the founder/EiC of Black Stone / White Stone. "

John Waddy Bullion

Fort Worth, TX, United States

Lucas Scheelk

WA, United States
"[they/them] autistic queer white Jew; they’re a Pushcart Prize nominated poet, a degree-less college-dropout, and the author of A PRAYER FOR A NON-RELIGIOUS AUTISTIC (Mason Jar Press, 2022)."

Cole Martin

Miramichi, Canada
"Cole Martin is a twenty-something writer from Atlantic Canada. He is currently querying his first novel, and is interested in delving into film/tv/video games. He can be found on twitter @maritimemagnate."

Melissa Saggerer

Portsmouth, NH, United States
"Melissa Saggerer lives in New Hampshire, where she’s seen a bobcat prowling around her purple house. She’s been published in some great journals and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize and Best Microfiction. On twitter @MelissaSaggerer "

Steve Gergley

Warwick, NY, United States
"Steve Gergley is the author of the short story collection, A Quick Primer on Wallowing in Despair (LEFTOVER Books ’22), and the forthcoming novel, Skyscraper (West Vine Press ’23). His short fiction has appeared in Hobart, Maudlin House, and others."

Veronica Bennett

Philadelphia, PA, United States
"poet. designer. founder + e.i.c. of Bullshit Lit Mag + Press."

Beth Mulcahy

Cleveland, OH, United States
"Beth Mulcahy is a Pushcart Prize-nominated poet whose work has appeared in various journals. Her chapbook, Firmer Ground, is forthcoming with Anxiety Press. Beth lives in Ohio with her husband and two children. "

KA Honeywell

WA, United States
"Somebody who wants to do a lot of stuff and is really trying."

Emily Polson

Brooklyn, NY, United States

Jessica Clare

Alameda, CA, United States
"Jessica Dawn lives on an island in the San Francisco Bay with a failed farm dog, where she writes fiction and non-fiction, where she tries her best. Her work is in HAD, No Contact, Autofocus, Pidgenholes, and more. Find her on Twitter @JuskaJames"


London, United Kingdom
"HLR (she/her) is a prize-winning poet, working-class writer and professional editor from North London. Author of History of Present Complaint (Close to the Bone) and Portrait of the Poet as a Hot Mess (Ghost City Press)."

Catherine Weiss

Deer Isle, ME, United States
"Catherine Weiss is a poet and artist from Maine."

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