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General submissions are open January-March for the Fall issue (closed April-May-June) and July-October for the Spring issue (closed November-December). January 1 - March 31 general submissions are open to Poetry, Flash Fiction, Short Fiction. July 1 - October 31 general submissions are open to Poetry. October 1 - October 31 general submissions are open to Short Fiction. December 10 - December 25 hardship application/submissions are open to Poetry.
The only exception to the submissions via Submittable only rule is inmates in correctional institutions may use the mailing address below to send us one submission per reading period via US Post. Follow the general submission guidelines, and please only send the work and your return address in this case.




Max words: 7500Note: While we accept up to 7,500 words, stories at the 4,000-5,000 word mark are more likely to be accepted than those that are longer, simply due to space constraints. Also taking works of flash up to 1,000 words.


Max pieces: 5If you think your poems will make a perfect stranger's toes tingle, heart leap, or brain sizzle, then send it our way. We typically do not publish avant garde or language poetry and have a general aversion to unnecessarily exclusive work. We do like a poem that causes--for a wide audience--a visceral reaction to intellectually and emotionally rich material. If accepted, we will also request an audio recording, which is optional but highly encouraged.


We occasionally review collections of poetry or short stories (usually no more than 1-2 per issue), which have been recently published or are forthcoming. To request consideration of your book for review, send one copy to Raleigh Review, Box 6725, Raleigh NC 27628. We will notify you if we do choose to review your book. Review copies will not be returned.

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