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Piece of Cake: A Teen-Led Food Magazine is a food magazine by and for teenagers. Hope you are hungry!


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Nonfiction (Recipe)

Max pieces: 3

We will accept up to 3 recipes.

Nonfiction (Food Culture Piece)

Max words: 3000

We accept food culture pieces of up to 3,000 words.

Nonfiction (Restaurant Review)

Max words: 3500

We accept restaurant reviews of up to 3,500 words.

Nonfiction (Article/Cooking Tips)

Max words: 2000

We will accept articles that contain recipe ideas, healthy eating tips, cooking tips, baking tips, and more.

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  • Eligibility

    Young creators
    We only accept work from people younger than 22.

  • Formatting

    Please upload separate PDF files of your different works.

  • Author's rights

    We ask for First Electronic Rights, meaning we do not publish previously published works. By submitting your writing to Piece of Cake Magazine, you give us the nonexclusive rights to publish it in our online magazine. If your work is published in Piece of Cake, please refrain from publishing the content elsewhere.

  • Additional info

    Piece of Cake: A Teen-Led Food Magazine is very new and in its preliminary stages, therefore we would love your support.

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Piece of Cake: A Teen-Led Food Magazine is a food magazine by and for teenagers. It allows teens to explore their culinary interests and food writing skills, as well as provides a welcoming environment for young foodies and writers of all levels.







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