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    6 weeks*
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    31 days*
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    1% *
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  • Accepts simultaneous submissions

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    When you can submit your work to multiple magazines at the same time

  • Accepts previously published

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    We accept previously “uncurated” work. By this we mean work that has not previously been selected by an editor to appear in their magazine.

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    When the magazine wants to publish your previously published work. Requirements vary

  • Nominates for prizes

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    Pushcart Prize, Best of the Net

  • Active on social media

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  • Offers expedited response

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    Expedited submission: When the magazine offers a faster response time for an extra fee


Payment: $ 55

We believe in publishing poets (as opposed to poems) — we would like to spend time with your voice and see your range. We encourage underrepresented writers to send us their poetry. We want poets from all over the world. We love prose poems, traditional forms (ghazals, villanelles, sestinas), love poems, sex poems, and experimental questionnaires, but we are not married to a style or genre. We are welcoming of anything you think is your most exciting work. Ultimately, we want poems that move us or make us go: “God, I wish I had written this!” Some poets we love are Kaveh Akbar, Agha Shahid Ali, Anne Carson, Victoria Chang, Heather Christle, Tracy Fuod, Terrence Hayes, Bob Hicok, Ilya Kaminsky, Luke Kennard, Li-Young Lee, Kei Miller, Alejandra Pizarnik, Tracy K. Smith, Mary Ruefle, Tanya Shirley, Dean Young, Yanyi… We look forward to reading and publishing your best work!

How to submit

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  • Cover letter

    We love cover letters and would prefer knowing whose work we are reading. We care about your identity. You are welcome to share your publication history, if any, though that would not influence our decision.

  • Eligibility

    No specific eligibility requirements

  • Formatting

    - PDF or DOCX - EB Garamond - 13-point font size - 1.15 line space *special formatting welcome *if for technical reasons you cannot follow our preferred formatting, that is totally okay

  • Author's rights

    Our author agreement states the following: “Thank you for permission to publish your work on our website. The site is governed by a Creative Commons license, which states that the works though available online, remain the property of the individual authors and cannot be modified or exploited commercially without your permission. Other than this one-time permission to publish online and archive, you retain all rights to your work. If authors republish their poems after initial publication, we request that they in good faith, give first-publication credit to ONLY POEMS.”

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74 days

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*Weird response times we excluded from calculations: 85 days, 105 days, 116 days, 151 days, 82 days, 96 days, 89 days

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There are so many ways to delight in poetry. We are a bit obsessive — when we like a poem, we immediately want to see more of the poet’s work. Most literary magazines we love follow a poem-a-day model, focusing on the singular poetic spark. We want to create a space to invite poets to lay before us ...

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