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A publication that seeks to represent writers from, living in, or writing about Northern Appalachia

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Fiction - 7500 words max

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Max words: 7500

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Max words: 1000

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Sub Genres: Literary

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Max words: 7500

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Sub Genres: All / surprise us


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Max pieces: 5


Max words: 1

Max words: 500

Max pieces: 1

on book-length works of poetry, fiction or nonfiction by authors from the region or authors whose writing is about, represents or engages with the experience of living in northern Appalachia


Max words: 1

Max words: 1000

Max pieces: 1

with or feature articles on authors from the region

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    The Northern Appalachia Review seeks to convey the character of the people and places of northern Appalachia by publishing literature that best represents the region as both distinct from and part of greater Appalachia. we seek to publish writers whose work contributes to establishing a voice and literary identity for northern Appalachia, exemplifies the region and its nuanced culture, and/or furthers the ever-evolving definition of Appalachia as a whole At this time, we do not accept academic submissions in fields such as anthropology, art, cultural studies, environmental studies, geology and so forth, and we do not accept photographs or illustrations Please notify us if your work has been accepted elsewhere. Upon publication, the Northern Appalachia Review offers each contributor one free e-version and a 50% discount on one print version of the Review. Submissions open annually April 1st - June 15th

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