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miniskirt is a destination for love & romance. we want your flirtations, your short & sweet confections. we adore romcom, but if you’ve got something dramatic, send that our way too!


  • Vibe:We're just chilling here
  • Response time:
    6 weeks*
    Editor reported data
    32 days*
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  • Acceptance rate:
    4% *
    Editor reported data
    Chill Subs tracker stats



  • Accepts simultaneous submissions

    What's that?

    When you can submit your work to multiple magazines at the same time

  • Accepts previously published

    From the editors

    we’ll accept reprints if the original publication is more than three years old & the rights have reverted to you; just let us know in your cover letter. we’ll accept submissions of any pieces that have been de-homed because the original publication has gone defunct/taken down their website/run a scam, with no waiting period.

    What's that?

    When the magazine wants to publish your previously published work. Requirements vary

  • Nominates for prizes

    From the editors

    Pushcart Prize, Best of the Net, Best Small Fictions

  • Active on social media

  • Available in print

  • Provides contributor copies

  • Has examples online

  • Offers expedited response

    What's that?

    Expedited submission: When the magazine offers a faster response time for an extra fee

Fiction - 4000 words max

Max words: 4000

Max pieces: 1

Sub Genres: All / surprise us, Romance

Up to 3 flash pieces , no more than 1250 words each (in a single document, please) OR 1 short story up to 4000 words

Fiction - 1250 words max

Max words: 1250

Max pieces: 3

Sub Genres: All / surprise us, Romance

Nonfiction - 4000 words max

Max words: 4000

Max pieces: 1

Up to 3 flash pieces , no more than 1250 words each (in a single document, please) OR 1 essay/piece up to 4000 words

Nonfiction - 1250 words max

Max words: 1250

Max pieces: 3


Max pieces: 5

Up to 10 pages total


Min pieces: 4

Max pieces: 10


Max pieces: 10

How to submit

  • Processs


  • Cover letter

    No formal requirements for cover letter Bio not necessary, we'll ask for this if your work is accepted We occasionally offer feedback, but only if you indicate in your cover letter that you are open to receiving it

  • Eligibility

    No specific eligibility requirements

  • Formatting

    Nothing hard & fast, though we appreciate if the work is single-spaced in a serif font

  • Author's rights

    First electronic serial rights, rights revert to creator upon publication

  • Additional info

    Make you feel at home: cozy, meme-friendly, a sense of community, all that stuff Accept previously published: "if original publication date is more than 3 years prior" Promote writers even after publication - hype hype hype Helpful: reposting other opportunities on their Twitter:) we nominate for Pushcart, Best of the Net, & Best Small Fictions

Tracker statistics


Total submissions tracked

32 days

Average response time


Average acceptance rate

2 days

Fastest response time

178 days

Slowest response time

*Weird response times we excluded from calculations: 638 days, 929 days

Сhill Subs is able to provide internal statistics because you use our tracker! You're the best!

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12-month average acceptance rate

31 days

12-month average response time

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all love is equal here at miniskirt, so give us your queer devotions, your hetero hymns, your poems about poly life, your stories where being ace is celebrated we want non-romantic love too! familial love, love for your fur-babies, self-love, love for your hobbies, your favorite childhood memory, th...

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