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"A Seattle based, digital literary journal dedicated to publishing poetry, prose, fiction, and essays that explore the intersection of the professional and personal."
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Literature Matters. So do you.
Submission Guidelines can be found at: https://midlvmag.com/submission-guidelines
Each issue of MIDLVLMAG is themed. Upcoming and current themes are announced and promoted first on Twitter/Instagram, then updated on our website - follow us on both platforms for additional content. Themes are meant to inspire writing, but not be a hard rule for what we will accept in submissions.
After publication, MIDLVLMAG promotes contributor pieces on Twitter and Instagram.




Max words: 3000Short and Flash fiction(s) accepted.


Max words: 3000Essays and CNF.


Max pieces: 3No style/form limits for poetry.

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Submissions close on our closing themes of the year, 'Two Weeks Notice' and 'Holiday Bonus' at midnight tonight (11/30/22 PST)


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We currently list only main editors, more will be added later!
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Tim Batson


James Viggiano

Poetry Editor


Contributors on Chill Subs (15)

Jos Glencross

Meanjin/Brisbane, Australia

daniel j flosi

"Daniel J Flosi sometimes thinks they are an apparition living in a half-acre coffin within the V of the Mississippi and Rock Rivers. Daniel is a poetry reader at Five and is the founder/EiC of Black Stone / White Stone. "

Mary Kate Nyland

Dublin, Ireland

Edward Hagelstein

Hawley, PA, United States

Maria Prieto

CA, United States
"Maria Prieto (she/her) was born in Manila, Philippines and moved to Southern California when she was 12. She occasionally reads books and writes poems/stories."

Samuel Milligan

Bradley David

Los Angeles, CA, United States
"Bradley David's poetry, fiction, essays, and images appear in Terrain, Allium, Rougarou, Welter, Exacting Clam, Anti-Heroin Chic, and numerous others. He lives in Southern California by way of the rural Great Lakes Midwest."

sharon mariem

Norwich, United Kingdom

Kathryn Lapin

Montreal, Canada
"Kathryn Lapin is a student and writer living in Tiohtià:ke/Montréal, Canada. She misses you. Why don't you call more?"

Kit Lascher

CA, United States
"I am an art corvid. I collect anything shiny, hold my collaborators close, & always remember. You can find my work in anthologies and magazines. I'm a resident at Nomadic Soundsters, a reader for Punk Monk Magazine, & I edit/curate Trash Wonderland."

Daniel Ridley

Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Stephen mcgowan

Sunderland, United Kingdom
"Emerging poet and author from the North East of the UK"

Goldie Peacock (they/them)

Brooklyn, NY, United States
"Recent pubs include: fiction in (mac)ro(mic), Powders Press, Fifth Wheel Press, Roi Fainéant Press, Scrawl Place, MIDLVLMAG; CNF in Sundog Lit; poetry in Red Ogre Review, Moon Cola Zine & Ripe. Soon: The Dodge, MoonPark Review, Bullshit Lit, +..."

L M Cole

Raleigh, NC, United States
"Poet, Artist, Editor of Bulb Culture Collective, Reader for Moss Puppy Magazine. "

Moh Afdhaal

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