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Contributors on Chill Subs (19)

Steve Gergley avatar

Steve Gergley

Warwick, NY, United States
"Steve Gergley is the author of the short story collection, A Quick Primer on Wallowing in Despair (LEFTOVER Books ’22), and the forthcoming novel, Skyscraper (West Vine Press ’23). His short fiction has appeared in Hobart, Maudlin House, and others."
Luke Wortley avatar

Luke Wortley

Indianapolis, IN, United States
"writer - partner & parent - queer/bi - kentuckian - bipolar - leftist - sports fan - bourbon/beer drinker - board gamer - wearer of bowties - he/him"
Timothy C Goodwin avatar

Timothy C Goodwin

New York, NY, United States
"Sometimes NYC, sometimes CNY. Co-host of The Tiffin Inn Writing Workshop podcast, where we ask all the tough, hard-hitting questions about writing...mainly because we don't know the answers ourselves."
Patrick Wilcox avatar

Patrick Wilcox

Independence, United States
"Patrick Wilcox is from Kansas City, Missouri. He studied Creative writing at the University of Central Missouri where he was an assistant editor for Pleiades. His work has appeared in Maudlin House, Quarter After Eight, Bangalore, and MacGuffin."
hibahshabkhez avatar


John Waddy Bullion avatar

John Waddy Bullion

Fort Worth, TX, United States
Beatriz Seelaender avatar

Beatriz Seelaender

Sao Paulo, Brazil
"Brazilian writer, mostly short stories and CNF, though recently I also started submitting poetry. 'The Austenites' coming soon, 'All According to Norm' coming next year. "
Maria Prieto avatar

Maria Prieto

CA, United States
"Maria Prieto (she/her) was born in Manila, Philippines and moved to Southern California when she was 12. She occasionally writes poems, short stories, and book reflections."
Benjamin Davis avatar

Benjamin Davis

Barcelona, Spain
"Ben has stories & poems in 25+ literary journals like BOOTH, Hobart, Maudlin House. His book, The King of FU (2018), was such a smashing success it shocked the indie press who printed it into an early grave. He is now working on his first six novels."
Jenna Schoepflin avatar

Jenna Schoepflin


Cincinnati, OH, United States
"I write various stuff and work in a public library. Published in X-R-A-Y, Maudlin House, Chill Subs, Five on the Fifth, Across the Margin, JAKE, Buzgaga, Blue as an Orange, BULLSHIT LIT, Bear Creek Gazette, FATHERFATHER and others."
Lauren C. Johnson avatar

Lauren C. Johnson

San Francisco , CA, United States
"Lauren C. Johnson attributes her upbringing in Florida, America’s weirdest state to her interest in the ecological and surreal. She earned her MFA in creative writing at American University and lives in San Francisco. "
ev🌫 avatar


Boone, NC, United States
Bobby Miller avatar

Bobby Miller

Los Angeles. , CA, United States
"Bobby Miller is a writer and filmmaker from New Jersey who lives in Los Angeles. His fiction has appeared most recently in Maudlin House and Bending Genres. His films have premiered at Sundance & SXSW. He’s currently working on his debut novel."
Allison Thung avatar

Allison Thung

Singapore, Singapore
"Poet. Words f/c and in Chestnut Review, ANMLY, Heavy Feather Review, Maudlin House, Lumiere Review, and elsewhere. She/her."
millionaire avatar


Crow Jonah Norlander avatar

Crow Jonah Norlander

Courtney avatar


Los Angeles, CA, United States
"Courtney is a writer from a beachside town in Los Angeles, CA. She started writing in college at the American University of Paris, but never submitted to the university’s creative arts journal because she has a phobia of being vulnerable"
Swati Sudarsan avatar

Swati Sudarsan

Oakland, CA, United States
"Writer of fictions and sometimes poems. Asst. editor at Moot Point Magazine"

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