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Independent, Jewish & frankly feminist since 1976, Lilith’s mission is to be the feminist change-agent in and for the Jewish community: amplifying Jewish feminist voices, creating an inclusive and positive Judaism, spurring gender consciousness in the Jewish world...

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Fiction - 3000 words max

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Sub Genres: Literary

Payment: $ per piece

Short stories with heart, soul and chutzpah, illuminating issues in the lives of Jewish women.

Fiction - 800 words max

Max words: 800

Sub Genres: Literary

Back-page pieces.

Nonfiction - 2000 words max

Max words: 2000

Sub Genres: All / surprise us

Payment: $ per piece

Features usually run 2,000 words. Reporting, analysis, opinion pieces, memoir with a feminist take on subjects of interest to Jewish women

Nonfiction - 500 words max

Max words: 500

News briefs 500 words or less.


Max pieces: 5

Payment: $ per piece

no more than 2 pages total

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    Women and other marginalized gendersCreators from a specific location / ethnic group

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    if you haven’t heard from us in four weeks, feel free to follow up. If you haven’t heard from us in eight weeks, please consider this a gentle “no,” and tell us you are withdrawing the piece from consideration. Submit works with a feminist take on subjects of interest to Jewish feminists.

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empowering women, girls and trans and nonbinary people of every background to envision and enact change in their own lives and the larger community. What’s inside: Bold reporting and memoir, original fiction and poetry, and a lively take on tradition, celebrations and social change. About our name...

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