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A weekly journal of writing publishing the best in fiction, poetry, flash, essays, and interviews (or a close approximation).


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Fiction - 3000 words max

Max words: 3000

Sub Genres: Literary

We accept works up to 15 pages double spaced, although 3000 words or fewer usually catches our eye.

Fiction - 1500 words max

Max words: 1500

Sub Genres: Literary

Nonfiction - 5000 words max

Max words: 5000

Nonfiction - 1500 words max

Max words: 1500


Max pieces: 3

No more than 2 pages each. Although we tend toward publishing free verse poems, those that use form, repetition, and rhyme scheme with unique purpose and talent are welcome, as are experimental poems if they are emotionally resonant, in addition to being intellectual or analytic.


No specific limitations

Wtf is genre, send anything (Blended & Beyond)

No specific limitations

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jmww is a weekly journal of writing publishing the best in fiction, poetry, flash, essays, and interviews (or a close approximation). Our stories have appeared in Best American Essays, Best Small Fictions, Wigleaf Top 50, BIFFY, Best of Net, and the VERA.





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    Jen Michalski


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    CarlaJean Valluzzi

    Senior Poetry Editor/Chapbook Designer

    Editor Curtis Smith avatar

    Curtis Smith

    Interviews Editor

    Editor Michael B. Tager avatar

    Michael B. Tager

    Contributing Fiction Editor

    Editor Margaret Adams avatar

    Margaret Adams

    Senior Fiction Editor

    Editor Bradley David avatar

    Bradley David

    Senior Editor, Blended & Beyond

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    Ashlie Kauffman

    Contributing Poetry Editor/Chapbook Editor

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    Hannah Grieco

    Contributing Creative Nonfiction Editor

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    Juliet Way-Henthorne

    Senior Creative Nonfiction Editor

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    Maryam Shadmehr

    Senior Fiction Editor

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    Kristin Bonilla

    Senior Flash Fiction Editor

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    Jolene McIlwain

    Associate Flash Fiction Edito

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    Lyndsie Manusos

    Associate Flash Fiction Editor

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    Lauren Woods

    Associate Flash Fiction Editor

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    Robin Bissett

    Associate Fiction Editor)

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    Charlie Hope-D’Anieri

    Associate Fiction Editor

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    Rachel Farber

    Associate Fiction Editor

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    Madison Krchnavy

    Associate Fiction Editor

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    Julieanne Larick

    Associate Fiction Editor

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    Maxwell Suzuki

    Associate Fiction Editor

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    Robert Herbst

    Associate Fiction Editor

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    Chiyeung Lau

    Associate Fiction Editor

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    Melissa Ren

    Associate Fiction Editor

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    Shareen K. Murayama

    Assistant Creative Nonfiction Editor

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    Guillermo Rebollo Gil

    Assistant Creative Nonfiction Editor

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    Imani Cauthen-Robinson

    Assistant Creative Nonfiction Editor

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    Olga Katsovskiy

    Associate Creative Nonfiction Editor