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Max words: 800Max pieces: 1We get precious few editorial, craft essay, pedagogy, and other nonfiction submissions, but we would like to publish more. We are actively seeking these genres.


Max words: 800Max pieces: 1We accept reviews for any poetry collection, whether full-length or chapbook. We like reviews of recent releases, but we're happy to publish reviews of older work too. Jarfly also maintains a list of ARCs and PDF copies of books (mostly by previous contributors) that it would like to see reviewed. If you're interested, please reach out through the submissions email with a query.


Min pieces: 3Max pieces: 5


Min pieces: 3Max pieces: 5We are often short on art submissions, so we are actively requesting them. We like most media and really only shy away from nudity, violence, etc.


Min pieces: 3Max pieces: 5We are often short on art submissions, so we are actively requesting them. We are not interested in nudity, violence, etc.

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Ian C. Williams



'I've Planned Your Death For Years' by Courtney LeBlanc

When your kidneys shut down and a machine began to filter your blood: 8-hours, three times a week, a day after to recover – your life an exhausted cycle of hope and despair. When a new-to-you kidney was sewn into your body, your dead, gray kidneys pushed aside to make room for the bright-with-blood imposter.
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'Crabapple Elegy' by Emily Stoddard

They say you should hold your breath when passing the cemetery, ​ but I do not fear the reach of the dead. When she died—Christmas morning, an unforecasted veil of snow-- our chests were undone. I learned the sounds a body makes as it unhooks itself. Each begins with breath.
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'Nocturne with "Kickstart my Heart" Playing in the Background' by Amorak Huey

When a rock star dies, the moon goes hungry. When a rock star is reborn, jolted back to the stage by gasoline and guitar strings and the kiss of someone else’s girlfriend, the planets burn. There’s no word for a moment like this, for being in such a hurry to love each other that time dries on our tongues.
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'S' by Charika Swanepoel

I’ve always been sentimental about my family name. It amazes me, scraps of paper, my grandmother’s handwriting; the way she swirled the S. I’d like to think it means something more than what I cannot tell. I’d like to keep my name, “What’s in a name” you’ll ask and I’ll say: “Almost everything.”
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