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Pays$10-$50 per piece

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Fiction - 7500 words max

Max words: 1000

Max words: 7500

Max pieces: 1

Sub Genres: Science Fiction, Speculative

Payment: $ 50 per piece


Payment: $ 10 per piece

we like poems that exhibit an intellectual and emotional passion for language and form

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    Google / other forms

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    We read the cover letter after the story; summarizing the story isn’t useful as it won’t influence our decision. Writerly facts such as if you’re published and where are of greater interest.

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    Format: Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) file (do avoid .rtf if you can.) Modern Manuscript format is required. Check https://www.shunn.net/format/story/ for those specifics. Ignoring this standard marks you as either unprofessional or not to be bothered with details, neither of which is a great way to start our relationship. In particular: Paragraphs: indent the first lines using the word processor feature instead of tabs. Set extra space before and after paragraphs to zero. Font: any widespread serif font (Palatino, Times New Roman, etc.) in 12 points. No Courier, please, for which our eyes thank you kindly. Title should be in the font in which the rest of your story is presented: all-caps, bold, large font—equivalent to screaming—are unnecessary. Page numbers: they go in the top header on the right side, along with your byline and abridged title. NOTE: The time we lose reformatting your story prevents us from getting to the next one in the queue. Some day, that next one may be yours.

  • Author's rights

    one-year exclusive print/electronic rights and non-exclusive reprint rights thereafter.

  • Additional info

    Ad Astra is peer-reviewed by scholars associated with Center for the Study of Science fiction at the University of Kansas looking for scholarly work from a wide variety of disciplines about themes, trends, analysis, or speculation regarding the field of Speculative Fiction

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ames Gunn’s Ad Astra publishes mostly science fiction with some fantasy. Both genres are literatures of discontinuity where there is a rupture between the depicted world and the one in which we live. Science fiction is further distinguished by one essential quality: we can trace a path from here to ...

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