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"We had an idea for a journal that, like most things Hobart-related, started as something of a joke... until it became a real thing. If submissions are open, we've probably had a couple drinks. We're Hobart After Dark. Best source of parenting content on the internet."
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Contributors on Chill Subs (35)

Katrina Smolinsky avatar

Katrina Smolinsky

Chicago, IL, United States
"Katrina (she/her) is a Chicago-based poet from Port Orchard, WA. She holds an MFA from the College of Charleston. In addition to writing, she watches a lot of Star Trek and works in arts administration. "
Clem Flowers avatar

Clem Flowers

Brooke Randel avatar

Brooke Randel

Chicago, IL, United States
"Writer and editor in Chicago. "
Matthew Mastricova avatar

Matthew Mastricova

Jade Y. Liu avatar

Jade Y. Liu

Vancouver, Canada
Casimir Stone avatar

Casimir Stone

Chapel Hill, NC, United States
"ek gril my self dood vir"
Evan Williams avatar

Evan Williams

Chicago, IL, United States
Melissa Saggerer avatar

Melissa Saggerer

Portsmouth, NH, United States
"Melissa Saggerer lives in New Hampshire, where she’s seen a bobcat prowling around her purple house. She’s been published in some great journals and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize and Best Microfiction. On twitter @MelissaSaggerer "
Erin Dorney avatar

Erin Dorney

Saranac Lake, NY, United States
Catherine Weiss avatar

Catherine Weiss

Deer Isle, ME, United States
"Catherine Weiss is a poet and artist from Maine."
Jessica Clare avatar

Jessica Clare

Alameda, CA, United States
"Jessica Dawn lives on an island in the San Francisco Bay with a failed farm dog, where she writes fiction and non-fiction, where she tries her best. Her work is in HAD, No Contact, Autofocus, Pidgenholes, and more. Find her on Twitter @JuskaJames"
Cristian Cantir avatar

Cristian Cantir

Crow Jonah Norlander avatar

Crow Jonah Norlander

Carmen Dolina avatar

Carmen Dolina

Quezon City, Philippines
"computer science-game dev student from the philippines :o)"
Rachel Abbey McCafferty avatar

Rachel Abbey McCafferty

OH, United States
"Rachel Abbey McCafferty has been writing since she first learned that was a thing people could do. Her favorite questions are "what if" and "why." "
Aubri Kaufman avatar

Aubri Kaufman

Princeton, NJ, United States
"Therapist, poet, & chicken / human mom from New Jersey."
Ashley Varela avatar

Ashley Varela

Seattle, WA, United States
"Ashley Varela (they/she) is a queer writer & author based in Seattle, Washington."
austinross avatar


"Austin Ross is the author of the forthcoming novel Gloria Patri (Malarkey Books, 2023) and is a senior editor with Harper Horizon, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. His writing has appeared in Lit Hub, Hobart, and elsewhere."
Elia Karra avatar

Elia Karra

"Author and filmmaker. MFA in Creative Writing from Lindenwood University. My Bacon number is 3, but if I try hard enough, I might finally make it a 0."
Sahalie A Martin avatar

Sahalie A Martin

Columbus, OH, United States
"Writer and former shepherd. MFA candidate at Ohio State with work in No Contact, The Offing, HAD, and Writer's Digest. Author of Venetian Blue and Other Obscene Colors, a short story collection from Wilde Press."
Luke Larkin avatar

Luke Larkin

Missoula, MT, United States
"Luke is a queer writer in Missoula, MT, where he earned his MFA at the University of Montana. He hikes with his Saint Bernard and shoots recurve."
rachel avatar


Los Angeles, CA, United States
"pangea enthusiast"
Max Gillette avatar

Max Gillette

Mt Pleasant, MI, United States
"Max (they/them) is a poet whose work celebrates disability, queerness, and survival. They are currently working on their BS in English Lit and reading too many books at once. "
S.G. Amygdala avatar

S.G. Amygdala

United States
"i like to play with words and people | formerly PEEKTEA"
KA Honeywell avatar

KA Honeywell

WA, United States
"Somebody who wants to do a lot of stuff and is really trying."
Emily Polson avatar

Emily Polson

Brooklyn, NY, United States
Hannah Wang avatar

Hannah Wang

Washington, DC, United States
"hard-working. alpha male. jackhammer. merciless. insatiable. (they/she)"
John Waddy Bullion avatar

John Waddy Bullion

Fort Worth, TX, United States
alyssa goldberg avatar

alyssa goldberg

NY, United States
Alex Gurtis avatar

Alex Gurtis

Orlando, FL, United States
"Alex is poet and critic based in Orlando, Florida. "
felix lecocq avatar

felix lecocq

chicago, IL, United States
klooky avatar


Chicago, IL, United States
"Kristin Lueke is a Chicana poet, organizer, and creative strategist. She loves what she loves: her mother, the desert, good questions. Also everything else. Her work's been nominated for a Pushcart and Best of the Net. "
Grant Young avatar

Grant Young

San Francisco, CA, United States
Kate Beall avatar

Kate Beall

Colorado Springs, CO, United States
"Kate Beall lives and writes in Colorado, nestled between the mountains and the plains. You can find her (for now) on Twitter at @katebbeall."
Matthew Feinstein avatar

Matthew Feinstein

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