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Geist is the Canadian magazine of ideas and culture with a strong literary focus and a sense of humour. The Geist tone is intelligent, plain-talking, inclusive and offbeat.

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  • Vibe:Top-tier stuff. Not Paris Review, but ok
  • Response time:
    4 monhts*
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  • Acceptance rate:

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Find more details in the Genres section


Find more details in the Genres section

  • Accepts simultaneous submissions

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    When you can submit your work to multiple magazines at the same time

  • Accepts previously published

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    When the magazine wants to publish your previously published work. Requirements vary

  • Nominates for prizes

  • Active on social media

  • Available in print

  • Provides contributor copies

  • Has examples online

  • Offers expedited response

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    Expedited submission: When the magazine offers a faster response time for an extra fee

Fiction - 5000 words max

Max words: 5000

Max pieces: 1

Sub Genres: Literary

Submission fee: $ 3

Payment: $null-1000

Nonfiction - 5000 words max

Max words: 1201

Max words: 5000

Submission fee: $ 3

Payment: $null-1000

Longer non-fiction published as Features.

Nonfiction - 1200 words max

Max words: 800

Max words: 1200

Submission fee: $ 3

Payment: $300-500

Geist is always seeking short (800-1200 words) non-fiction, typically personal narrative, for the Notes & Dispatches section. Dispatches are usually first-hand accounts of apparently simple encounters—with people, places, objects—that capture something about the spirit of our time. We are especially interested in historical narrative, personal essays on arts, music, and culture, profiles of ordinary people with extraordinary stories, interesting fields of work or hobbies, and everyday occurrences that show the strangeness of life.


Max pieces: 5

Submission fee: $ 3

Payment: $ 100 per piece


Submission fee: $ 3

Payment: $null-100

We like work that crosses genres or that surprises us in other ways. Send us your photo essays, maps and poetry comics! Your interdisciplinary forms and your visual-textual mashups!


Submission fee: $ 3

Payment: $null-1000

No specific limitations


Submission fee: $ 3

Payment: $ 100 per piece

No specific limitations


Submission fee: $ 3

Payment: $ 100

No specific limitations


Max pieces: 3

Submission fee: $ 3

Payment: $ 100 per piece

We’re interested in comics that are weird, funny, unexpected or experimental. We publish shorter comics in the Notes & Dispatches section and occasionally publish longer comics as features. Send up to three strips or one longer comic at a time.

How to submit

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  • Cover letter

    Your cover letter should include your name, complete mailing address and email.

  • Eligibility

    Creators from a specific location / ethnic group

  • Formatting

    Please format your manuscript as follows: Word Count: insert word count at the top of the first page Font: 12 point Times Roman Line Space: 1.5 Margins: 1.25 inches Page Numbers please, at the bottom right corner on every page

  • Author's rights

    We buy first North American serial rights for most original work, and second or third serial rights for previously published work (including work published on the internet).

  • Additional info

    Promote writers even after publication - hype hype hype Accept previously published: "Buy second or third serial rights for previously published work (including work published on the internet)" Limited to those with a Canadian connection

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Geist is published four times a year by The Geist Foundation. Every issue brings together a sumptuous mix of fact + fiction, photography and comix, poetry, essays and reviews, and the weird and wonderful from the world of words. At the heart of our enter­prise is the imag­i­nary coun­try that some...

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