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A craft magazine. Envisioned as more of a writer's parlor, we hope to host literary analysis, in depth looks into process and inspiration, reviews and recommendations. For prose & poetry, we're looking for gentle discoveries and secret hauntings, anything bittersweet


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    1 week-3 months*
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    When you can submit your work to multiple magazines at the same time

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    When the magazine wants to publish your previously published work. Requirements vary

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    Pushcart Prize, Best of the Net

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Max pieces: 3

Sub Genres: Literary, Experimental

1-12 pages, and up to 3 works are allowed at a time.


Max pieces: 5

1-12 pages, and up to 5 essays are allowed at a time.


Max pieces: 6

Poetry must be within 1-10 pages, and up to 6 poems are allowed at a time.


No specific limitations


No specific limitations


No specific limitations


No specific limitations

How to submit

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    Google / other forms

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    This magazine does not list any details on their website for this section.

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    No specific eligibility requirements

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    Before you submit, make sure your work is properly formatted. Work should be 1.5 or double spaced, with a standard legible font around 11 or 12 pt. Poetry can be single spaced. Multiple submissions should be in individual files.

  • Author's rights

    We ask for First North American Rights, as well as the nonexclusive right to display and sell magazines that include your work. This means that we will keep your piece online on our website, and potentially use it in print if we expand later on in our run. You maintain full ownership of your work. All rights revert back to the contributor after 3 months in publication and the contributor will always retain ownership of their work. We ask that you credit Flat Ink Magazine as the first place of publication if your piece is later published elsewhere. By submitting, you affirm that your work does not violate copyright law in any form.

  • Additional info

    Flat Ink welcomes any and all commentary on the craft of writing or culture within media. Feminist, POC, & other similar types of analysis are encouraged, whether that be of the writing community, specific media & writers, or on an element of craft. We also strongly encourage longform personal narratives. Please do not send sexually explicit work, we have minors reading! Note, that some genres may be closed, while others stay open. Our previous response time was heavily impacted by health issues with our editorial staff. We are now back to our predicted response time :)

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2 days

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250 days

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*Weird response times we excluded from calculations: 303 days

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IN THE MARGINS PROMPT: Hasty confessions, annotations, and crossed-out lines still legible. Afterthoughts that overwrite their predecessors, dreams lingering in your wake. Contradictions left in footnotes, private notes passed between hands, and rearview truths closer than they appear. All language...

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