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"The Fiddlehead is Atlantic Canada's International Literary Journal. Celebrating 75 years of literary foraging in 2020! "
Vibe: Top-tier stuff. Not Paris Review, but ok
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6 months
$60 CAD/page
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Pay is $60 CAD per published page, plus two complimentary copies of the issue with your work. Contributors may purchase additional copies of an issue at a discount.




Max words: 6000 A short fiction submission should be one story, double spaced and maximum 6,000 words. Unless a story is flash fiction (under 1000 words), please send only one story per submission. Please specify at the top of the first page the number of words in the story submitted. For flash fiction, we accept up to two stories per submission. If submitting two, please include both stories in the same word document and ensure that the second story begins on a new page with the title included to mark the beginning of the new story.


Max words: 6000Creative nonfiction (CNF) is construed widely and can include personal essays, narrative non-fiction, think pieces, etc. Submissions in this genre should be double-spaced and maximum 6,000 words. Unless a CNF work is very, very short (under 1000 words), please send only one work per submission.


Max pieces: 6No more than 12 pages total. The Fiddlehead prefers to accept several poems by the same author; please do not limit your submission to a single poem


Translations of creative work are also considered and occasionally published. With these submissions we need a copy of the text in its original language and a copy of a permissions letter from the copyright holder (usually the author or the original-language publisher).

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