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"bite-sized stories for a busy world"

"bite-sized stories for a busy world"


Send us your best but less intimidating

Response Time

3 months / 145 days

Acceptance Rate


  • Payment

    Yes: $3

  • Fee


  • Simultaneous submissions


  • Previously published


  • Expedited response


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Accepted genres

1 genres

Flash Fiction

Max words: 1000

Max pieces: 3

Flash Fiction

Max words: 1000

Max pieces: 3


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Total submissions tracked

145 days

Average response time


Average acceptance rate

90 days

Fastest response time

200 days

Slowest response time

How to submit


We use Submittable.

Cover letters

During the submission process, we collect some personal information via the Submittable platform, including your email address and physical or snail mail address; we will never send you anything without your permission, nor will we publish or distribute that information to any third party, with one tiny exception — if you do not supply a bio to be included with your story, we will form the bio as follows, using the state or province and country as supplied in your address: “Author Name writes in State/Province, Country.” We really do prefer that you craft a custom bio for yourself, though.


No specific eligibility requirements


This magazine does not list any details on their website for this section.

Rights for published work

Due to our aggressive publication schedule, we ask you to agree to our contract as part of the submission process: I hereby grant Every Day Fiction magazine First Rights to publish the above story (online and by subscription, including any subscription method/medium available at the time of publication). Exclusivity is only granted to Every Day Fiction for 30 days from the story’s original publication date. I also grant Every Day Fiction the non-exclusive right to make the above story available in e-book form (including any e-book format available at the time of publication), if the editors so choose, alone and/or anthologized with others, as long as this right is activated within 24 calendar months of the story’s original publication date. I represent and warrant that I am the sole author of the Work, which is original and not previously published. To the best of my knowledge, it does not infringe any third party’s copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights, does not contain any libellous material, and nor does it violate any third party’s right of privacy or publicity. If I am found to be in wilful breach of any of these representations and warranties, I agree to indemnify Every Day Fiction for any and all costs and expenses resulting from that breach. I accept and confirm that my compensation for this publication will be a one-time payment of $3 USD, payable via PayPal within 45 days of the story’s original publication unless I choose to donate it back to the magazine. I understand and agree that, after the date of publication, my story will remain accessible online in Every Day Fiction’s archives at the editors’ discretion, unless and until I submit a written request for its removal from the site.

Additional info

About the Magazine

Founded in 2007 | Canada


We currently list only main editors, more will be added later! If you are an editor, you can edit your masthead in our admin panel :)

Camille Gooderham Campbell

Managing Editor