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Ethic Threads Review is an online literary magazine dedicated to the clothes we wear and the stories they hold!


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Max words: 850

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What to submit: personal stories - up to 2,000 words fashion reviews and recommendations - up to 2,500 words fashion analysis pieces over people or communities (please be respectful!)- up to 2,500 words well-researched essays and articles (include works cited) - up to 3,500 words poetry/creative writing - up to 1,000 words event coverage - up to 2,500 words What to avoid: promotional content misleading information previously published work

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    Our magazine submissions are open to anyone from ages 12-21!

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    A doc, .docx, or .pdf* file

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    We request first-word rights (the right to be the first platform to submit your work with minor exceptions), however, the contributor has the right to publish the work elsewhere at a later date.

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    To apply for the magazine's masthead, you must be between the ages of 13-21!

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Welcome to Ethic Threads Review, an online literary magazine dedicated to the clothes we wear and the stories they hold. We hope to create a space that provides aspiring writers and fashion enthusiasts the freedom to explore and establish the voice they want to be heard. Whether that be analyzing fa...

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